Velocitron is one of the lost Cybertronian colony worlds that was settled during the Golden Age of Cybertron. It's culture is dedicated to racing, and it's surface is almost entirely covered with either race tracks or garages where racers are repaired or modified to enhance their performance.


Transformers: Exiles

Velocitron was among the colony worlds that lost contact with Cybertron due to the decline of Cybertronian society. As a result, their heritage became little more than myth to most Velocitronians, who became obsessed with racing much as Cybertron became embroiled in watching Gladiatorial combat. Eventually, the sun that Velocitron orbited began to destabilize, but with no means of reaching and repairing the Space Bridge nearby their eventual destruction seemed inevitable. The Velocitronians continued to be consumed by their sport, to the point that their leaders were decided by victory in a race.

When the Ark arrived at Velocitron, the planet's rule was uneasily shared by Override and Ransack, the former of whom welcomed the Autobots as a possible source of salvation for her people while the latter saw them as an annoyance. Makeshift, who had hidden amongst the Ark's crew, began spreading the dogma of the Decepticons on behalf of his master Megatron, and soon had Ransack and his supporters converted. However, a near-equal faction sided with Override and the Autobots, with two of them -Clocker and Mainspring- choosing to join the Ark Crew and depart Velocitron. Optimus also discovered a piece of the Blades of Time near an ancient ruin.

As the Autobots prepared to depart, tensions came to a head, and conflict broke out between the two factions. Due to their near-equal numbers, the battle reached a stalemate, and the Autobots were able to depart. Unfortunately, they were followed by Thundertron and his Star Seeker crew, and shortly thereafter by Megatron aboard the Nemesis. Having determined that Optimus Prime had departed, Megatron left in pursuit, leaving Velocitron to its conflict.

Transformers: Rescue Bots

Blurr later mentioned Velocitron to his old partner Salvage, speaking highly of its race tracks.


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