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Vehicons are a group of Cybertronians who serve as the foot soldiers of the Decepticons. There are four different versions of this type of drone: The ground-based Vehicons are the standard foot soldier who turn into a black and purple sports car. The second ground units are called Miner class who possess a lighter purple and black color scheme with duel optics who do not see action in combat as often, though the nature of their alt mode is unknown. The first air-based Vehicon share their color scheme with the foot soldiers, but transform into Cybertronian jets. The second flyers, called Seekers, are physically the same, but have their own unique silver, white and black color scheme.



The Vehicons' origins are shrouded in mystery but they have been seen as far back as the early days of the great war on Cybertron. Though they have been described by Starscream as "drones" they do appear sentient, what exactly separates them from a normal Transformer, if anything is currently unknown. Though the way Starscream spoke, the term may simply be a kind of insult for low-ranking soldiers.

The Great War[]

However the group was formed, they were used in almost every Decepticon battle to date.

Capture of Arcee/Airachnid's service[]

Several Vehicons were seen under the command of Decepticon Airachnid and assisted in capturing Arcee. They later captured her partner Tailgate who Airachnid soon after killed. However, before Arcee was to suffer the same fate, she was saved by Cliffjumper and Bumblebee who destroyed the Vehicons. It is unknown if these are actually Vehicons. Most likely, they are just generic Decepticons and the series creators used the Vehicon model to be the Decepticons because it would be easier than using new Decepticon models.


Attack on Cliffjumper[]

As Cliffjumper spotted an energon deposit, several Vehicons moved in to attack him. During the battle, they easily overpowered and outclassed the lone Autobot before taking him back to the Nemesis, where he was killed by Decepticon commander Starscream. For the bulk of Megatron's campaign on Earth they were used as miners, field agents, muscle and were always blaster fodder with one shot normally being sufficient to kill them. At some point Starscream created an elite subgroup of Vehicons as his armada. Despite this they too were killed very easily.

Servants to Starscream/Megatron returns[]

After Megatron was caught in the space bridge explosion in Darkness Rising, Part 5, the Vehicons were under Starscream's control and command, which they would be sent to destroy the Autobots or monitor the Nemesis like they normally do. However, in Out of His Head, Megatron was able to revive himself (after he used Bumblebee's body to revive his old body) and took command over the Vehicons once more. In Regeneration, the Vehicons were led by Megatron to Cybertron to battle the Autobots and protect the Omega Keys. However, the Autobots managed to retrieve the keys from the Vehicons. They were all destroyed when Smokescreen deployed the Spark Extractor on them. In Darkest Hour, several Vehicons formed a circle to surround the Autobots but were all killed when Optimus Prime destroyed the Omega Lock, which caused a massive explosion. In Darkmount, NV, the Vehicons were ordered by Megatron to search for any remains of the Autobots in the destroyed ruins of the Autobot base. However, with Wheeljack being temporarily captured by the Vehicons, the other Vehicons did not recover any form of remains of the Autobots, which made Megatron and Starscream hostile to them for not finding anything.

Terrorcon Apocalypse/Airachind's Return[]

After one of Knock Out's experiments with synthetic and dark energon (which Starscream commanded him to employ), CYLAS was tested on and became a Terrorcon infected zombie who was supposed to be a slave and supersoldier to all of cybertron. He freed himself and ran amok aboard the Nemesis where he managed to drain one Vehicon completely before he infected a few other Vehicons as he walked through the halls of the warship. This threatened to turn all of the Vehicons into Terrorcon's who could easily take over the Decepticon ship. With help from the hood, the Vehicons were able to defeat their infected compatriots, but over half of the Decepticons' remaining Vehicon troops were lost in the outbreak before it was fully neutralized.

Fall of Megatron/Decepticons dissolved[]

After the Autobots stormed the Decepticon warship and captured it, many Vehicons fled in escape pods to parts unknown. Those that did not reach an escape pod had the choice of either defecting or staying true to their cause. Many chose to defect to the Autobots and worked with Bulkhead to rebuild Cybertron. However they proved equally incompetent at construction as in combat, with three of them falling off a building when they became messed up on which parts went where, and in which order. The few that did not defect were kept in the Nemesis brig with Knock Out. When Starscream showed up he told them all about Unicron's rise and his plan to retake the ship and fly away from Cybertron to somewhere safe from the chaos-bringer. When they tried to take the bridge, all Vehicons allied with Starscream escaped. While not seen, the Vehicons who had been assigned to the construction efforts may been told to evacuate for their own safety. 

Transformers Robots in Disguise[]

Decepticon Miners (Decepticon Island, Part 1)

Glowstrike's unnamed crew members

In Metal Meltdown, Glowstrike's crew members included colorful versions of the car Vehicons and the miner Vehicons, and there is no Seeker variant presence among the troops who were at her command. Two Vehicons who are guarding Decepticon Island are very impressed with the supposed captures made by Grimlock who is sadly forced to knock his admirers out when they got suspicious in Decepticon Island (Part 1). In Decepticon Island (Part 2), Vehicons were some of the many Decepticons helping Steeljaw in his attempt to capture the Autobots.

Known Vehicons[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Vehicons are the stormtroopers of Transformers Prime and serve as the series main cannon-fodder. At the start of the seeries, the creators were unsure on how powerful they wanted an individual Decepticon trooper to be, as clearly seen in the pilot episode. In Darkness Rising Part 1, two Vehicon troopers are more than a match for Bumblebee and Arcee and battled the two Autobots to a stalemate. However, this was quickly changed as the next episode reduced them heavily to be the Autobots punching bags. There are a couple of reasons for this change. One: the developers knew that having the standard Decepticon as an equal opponent to a single Autobot made the odds extremely poor for Team prime. Two: to animate the Vehicons with the same design offered a cheaper solution than animating all Transformers as unique, given Transformers Prime otherwise impressive animation quality. Third: the Vehicons function as great excuses for creating action scenes for the Autobots.

Physical Appearances[]



Troopers appear with a slick thin body with a purple color scheme.

They have wheels on the side of both shoulders from their alt modes. They have Chrome colored heads with a red optic visor.

Decepticon Miner[]

The miners have a slightly different appearance to Vehicons. They are slightly smaller than the Warrior Class of Vehicon troopers, have a lighter purple paint job, their heads are purple instead of Chrome and they have two red optic visors instead of one. The miners are commonly observed in support roles especially harvesting crystals


The flyers are purple just like the troopers except they have wings on their backs and don't have wheels on their shoulders and legs due to being jet units with sleek contours

Seeker (Second Flyer)[]

Seekers look exactly like flyers, the only thing different is the paint job that is mostly silver and the head is black instead of Chrome and sports red highlights.


  • Vehicons were not called as such until Plus One only being referred to as "the drones" or "troopers".
  • No Vehicons speak in Predacons Rising.
  • In Predacons Rising, most Vehicons helped rebuild one of Cybertron's buildings under Bulkhead’s supervision but stumbled and dropped numerous support beams. Apart from that one incident, Vehicons are highly skilled at building space bridges, and performing maintenance on the Nemesis for the Decepticons.
  • Like the Insecticons, Vehicons seem to have only male members.
  • Vehicons speak in most episodes.
  • It is likely that there were as many as 3,000 to 5,000 Vehicons stationed on the Nemesis, given as to how many of them were killed off in Season 1 and 2, yet it isn't until Thirst that they are stated to be depleted. However the amount is never confirmed in the show. Given how many could be fielded in a single episode (at least 30 or even 40) and the fact that dozens (most likely death count is 25 to 60) the later count of 5,000 is more likely to be correct. This is further proven after Thirst where a significant amount were used to lure the Autobots to the laboratory in Evolution, and the large amount of men used in Minus One and Persuasion. They also made somewhat of an effort in Synthesis to battle Optimus and contain Predaking. There were enough to battle the Autobots for a significant amount of time in Deadlock, and the remnants were able to hold the Autobots at gunpoint until they were distracted.
  • Starscream says they are highly trained in Thirst. This indicates that most, if not all of them are veterans. However though their fighting style in Season 1 following the mini series is pathetic as they easily distracted, shoot themselves by accident, tricked very easily, are pathetic shots, frequently incompetent and very frequently leave themselves open. This is especially shown in Stronger, Faster where they have Arcee dead to rights yet they wait 50 seconds to pull the trigger. When Ratchet beats them down, none of them think to grab the helpless Arcee and use her as a hostage. They are essentially the same in Season 2. However, though they are significantly more competent in Thirst capable of engaging in a gunfight with the Autobots and fighting them in close quarters combat for a while. They made a good effort to counter Predaking and they did manage to fight for a significant amount in Deadlock. However, though their incompetence returned in Predacons Rising when Bumblebee distracted them allowing the last of them to be killed. Yet it wasn't stated that those were the last soldiers.
  • The Vehicons who turned into Terrorcon zombies in Thirst appear to act like Walkers from AMC's TV series The Walking Dead.
  • Megatron cannot distinguish between the Vehicons that turn into cars and the ones that turn into jets.
  • Like Soundwave and a few other Cybertronians, Vehicons can twist their arms to fold them across their chests even though the attachments of the elbow joints of their arms do not seem to allow that.


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