Vehicon Generals are the leaders of Megatron's Vehicon army during Beast Machines. Besides Megatron himself, they are the only ones granted Sparks, introduced by Megatron de to the difficulties he was experiencing in focusing on his own schemes while also coordinating the drones' attacks on the Maximals.

The generals are:

Tankor, Thrust and Jetstorm's sparks are used merely to power the shell programs that make up their personality matrices, with the result that their original personalities can influence their Megatron-programmed behaviour; Jetstorm develops a murderous obsession with Blackarachnia as a corruption of Silverbolt's love for her, Thurst's normal professionalism is affected by Waspinator's interest in 'chick-bots', and Tankor's originals tupidity is altered when the Maximals unlock Rhinox's core programming while not undoing Megatron's modifications. Obsidian and Strika are, reportedly, two of the greatest military strategists in Cybertron history, working to defend Megatron in the belief that his status as Cybertron's ruler essentially makes him Cybertron.

Additionally, there are three generals who are exclusive to 3H's Wreckers comics:

  • Quake: Commander of the Experimental Tank Drones. Uses his own, unaltered spark.
  • Blastcharge: Commander of the Experimental Six-Wheeler Drones. Uses his own, unaltered spark.
  • Spy Streak: Commander of the Experimental Stealth Drones. Uses his own, unaltered spark.


  • All of the generals except for Obsidian have two heads in the show: one for humanoid mode and one for vehicle mode. Different from others, Obsidian's second head is flashing lights in his cockpit.
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