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The Vector Sigma Chamber was a location on planet Cybertron that held the mega computer known as Vector Sigma that gave all Transformers life. It was located in the very depths of the mechanical planet where Centurion droids protected the chamber from intruders.


The Transformers cartoon[]

Megatron along with Rumble and Soundwave journeyed down to the depths of Cybertron passing by numerous shafts and pathways when they arrived at the entrance to the Vector Sigma Chamber. However, obstructing their way were Centurion droids that were guarding the super computer. TKtVS1

Beast Machines[]

The Chamber of Vector Sigma (here known as the Oracle) was a massive structure located near the very core of Cybertron. An ornate bridge was located where one could approach the Oracle and consult it. After the Oracle caused Technorganic plants to arise from the ground, the Chamber became the Maximals home base. A large water distribution system was placed above the orchard to irrigate it. Sparkwar Part 1: The Strike


The chamber of Vector Sigma lies beneath Kaon, the Decepticon capital. The chamber itself is a large cylindrical room with a circular platform in the middle with a bridge leading to it. The platform is suspended by a large pillar that extends down into the depths of Cybertron. A large "console" located in the center of the platform is the point where the Key to Vector Sigma is placed. The console will then rotate from a horizontal, to a vertical position. Onse the console has rotated the area at the platform's center will open to reveal Vector Sigma itself.