Vector Prime narrates the nature of his job and his place in the Transformers multiverse.


Vector Prime is Cybertron's guardian of space-time. One of Primus' first 13 Transformers, he is one of the few that has not abandoned his job in the millennia that have passed. He tells us the nature of the balance between Primus and his eternal enemy Unicron. In a series of flashbacks, he shows us the highlights and dark points of his career:

We learn that the very existence of Unicron contaminates the space-time continuum around him, and that Vector Prime would, for periods of time, follow Unicron's wake, attempting to prevent and repair what damage he could.

Finally, we see Unicron in his Armada body being attacked by swarms of Autobots and Decepticons, and his subsequent deactivation. In the present, Vector Sigma alerts Vector Prime of Unicron's collapse into a grand Black Hole and its threat to Cybertron. For the first time in millions of years, Vector Prime returns to his home planet.

Featured characters

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Items of note

  • This issue shows us many key points in previous Transformers stories from across the original comics, the original cartoon, Beast Wars, and the Armada television series. It establishes that there is one Unicron across the multiple continuities, and that Vector Prime travels through all of Transformers history.
  • One of the silhouettes of the first 12 Transformers that stands behind Vector Prime in his first panel appears to be that of The Fallen.
  • In the scenes of early Cybertron, we see the return of a generic Transformer from the first issue of Marvel's Transformers comic book series, whom some fans have named Big Red.
  • The retelling of the Primal Scream portrays Primus differently than in the original comic. Instead of a tangible face sculpted into the wall, there is a ball of energy in which his screaming face appears.
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