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Vector Prime is an Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
VectorPrime dvd

He gives a new meaning to the term "grandfather clock".

Vector Prime is Primus's appointed guardian of time and space. Though recorded history pegs him as 25 million years old,[1] he has identified himself as 9 billion years old,[2] making the clockwork-covered Transformer one of the 13 original Transformers. Despite his age, Vector Prime is very powerful, and can warp both space and time, though excessive use of this power can severely weaken him. He also documented the locations of the Cyber Plant Keys. To aid the Autobots in finding the Keys, he gives the "Cyber Key Power", unfortunately he gives the Decepticons the power as well as he is unfamiliar with the civil war.

Vector Prime was once a holder of the Matrix of Leadership[2] before he left Cybertron to guard space and time, a lonely job which isolated him from Cybertronian culture for tens of millions of years. Though he would rejoin the timestream on occasions to protect it from large scale perils,[3] his extraordinary exile has left him emotionally, culturally, and politically disconnected from his race. He speaks in archaic terminology from an age long past and is unfamiliar with the war between Autobots and Decepticons. In spite of this disconnection, Vector Prime never forgets that these strange modern creatures are the reason he guards space and time so fiercely. It is the miracle of time that allows these precious lives to continue.

Vector Prime has a "Guardian Mini-Con" called Safeguard, and is also responsible for the Recon Mini-Con Team.

Chinese name (Taiwan): Victor / Vector


Cybertron comic


Hey, I can see THE DAWN OF MAN from here! Hi, Phil!

During the long dormancy of Primus and Unicron at the beginning of time, Vector Prime retreated from the march of history to prepare for when his skills would once again be called upon. From this isolation he watched the greatest victories and defeats of the Transformers race across the various timelines, intervening only when his hand was needed to preserve the balance of time. (For example, Vector Prime helped mend Generation One Optimus Prime and repair the timestorm that Predacon Megatron had unleashed in the Beast Wars.) However, the awakening of Primus and Unicron returned Vector Prime to active service, following the wake of Unicron across the multiverse to prevent or restore what damage the Dark God had inflicted with its contaminating presence.

After the Powerlinx Battles, Primus attempted to lock Unicron's essence away in the center of a newborn sun, but this plan backfired and the sun collapsed into a black hole, also known as the Unicron Singularity. This threatened the multiverse itself, so Vector Prime was called back to Cybertron to assist the Autobots in locating artifacts which would destroy the black hole.


Hey, we got swords. Let's parry.

During the Autobots' search, Vector Prime would routinely confer with Alpha Trion on their progress. During one such visit, Ramjet and Nemesis Prime, followers of Unicron, attacked them, heavily damaging Alpha Trion and destroying Vector Sigma. It was Ramjet's plan that Nemesis Prime would unleash his Dead Matrix to destroy their Creator, and so the two travelled to the chamber deep within Cybertron that housed Primus' essence. Vector Prime and Sentinel Maximus met and battled them there. Vector Prime and Ramjet's fight left the chamber and ended ultimately high above Cybertron. Though Vector Prime was able to defeat Ramjet and seal him away in another dimension, this act weakened him considerably. The guardian of space and time returned to the Autobots on Earth and left Cybertron in the care of Over-Run, a Mini-Con who had taken the reins of what remained of Vector Sigma.

Cybertron cartoon

Voice actor: Richard Newman (English), Shô Hayami (Japanese), Joscha Fischer-Antze (German)

This additional weapon would have aided myself in the previous battle with the villainous Ramjet. What folly to not have used it!

Appearing in the skies over Cybertron, Vector Prime immediately made contact with Optimus Prime and his Autobot team, making them aware of the Cyber Planet Keys and how they could stop the black hole. As Vector Prime then synchronised his map of the keys’ locations to the current arrangement of the cosmos, he was approached by the evil Megatron, who exploited Vector Prime's diminished memory of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict and convinced him to hand over the map. Vector Prime realized his mistake too late, just as the other Autobots arrived to attack Megatron. The villain made good his escape, but not before his lieutenant Starscream caused Autobot warrior Landmine to be caught in the black hole’s gravitational pull, forcing Vector Prime to open a portal to save him, transporting him to Earth. Fallen

Vector Prime joined with Optimus Prime's Autobots in relocating to Earth in pursuit of Landmine, who had been befriended by three human children. Upon meeting these humans, Vector Prime recognised a symbol decorating the t-shirt of the female, Lori, as the pattern of the Omega Lock, the device that focused the power of the Cyber Planet Keys, and deduced that it lay in hiding somewhere on Earth. Further studies of duplicate patterns around the world failed to locate it, but did yield the co-ordinates of Velocitron, the Speed Planet, resting place of the first Cyber Planet Key. Later, the lock was apparently discovered buried in the desert; the battle had catastrophic consequences when a Decepticon attack killed the Mini-Cons, and Vector Prime drew on his powers for the first time in ages to rewind time and save their lives. Time The lock in question was proven to be a fake, but the genuine article was soon discovered and acquired by Vector Prime, the Mini-Cons and the humans aboard the Atlantis, an ancient Cybertronian spaceship that had crashed on Earth and inspired the legend of the sunken continent. Ship

Vector Prime subsequently journeyed to Velocitron to observe Hot Shot win the world’s Cyber Planet Key in a racing tournament, and then to the Jungle Planet, where he counselled Optimus Prime in his battles with world leader Scourge, leading to the acquisition of the second Cyber Planet Key. The third key, from Earth itself, was soon discovered, Optimus Prime battled Megatron for possession of the Lock and keys within Megatron's dimension. At Optimus's order, Vector Prime used his portal-generating abilities to collapse the dimension in upon itself, apparently destroying Megatron. Cybertron Megatron’s Unicronian armor sustained him, however, and he returned to Cybertron just as the Omega Lock was put in place and the planet transformed into Primus’s robot mode. Darkness

Vector Prime’s studies eventually revealed the location of the fourth Cyber Planet Key, on the Giant Planet of Gigantion, which had slipped through a space/time vortex into another universe. Both the Autobots and Decepticons raced for the key, but the Decepticons ultimately prevailed thanks to Megatron’s transformation into Galvatron, leaving the Autobots stranded on Gigantion. Showdown The vortex would not open again for a year, and despite the protestations of his friends and allies Vector Prime made the decision to use his powers to rewind time and open the vortex again – even though a feat of such magnitude would end his life. Before performing this decisive action, Vector Prime passed on to the young human Bud his planet map, and parted from Safeguard to spare him his fate. As the Autobots passed through the vortex, Vector Prime’s overexerted body dissolved, and he died. Guardian

However, as Vector Prime had already explained to the Autobots, since he had existed for most of his life outside of time, he would always exist there, able to observe the passage of time, even though he could now no longer enter the linear universe. He swore to always watch over Optimus Prime and the Autobots, and would be there for them in spirit when their need was greatest. The first of such moments came during Optimus Prime's pivtol moment within the black hole, as he appeared alongside the Autobot leader as he reached for the Omega Lock. End

Vector Primevs.Megatron


Subsequently, the black hole was sealed, but Galvatron was not yet through, and challenged Prime to a final one-on-one duel. During the battle, as Galvatron stood poised to deliver the final blow, Vector Prime's planet map flew from the pocket of the watching Bud and moved between the two combatants, blocking Galvatron's blow. Vector Prime spoke to Optimus once more, promising to always be there for him, and bestowing upon him the greatest of gifts—his own sword, Rhisling, with which Optimus Prime defeated and destroyed Galvatron once and for all. Unfinished Not long afterwards, as the Autobots departed on a mission across the universe to create a new space bridge, Vector appeared to Optimus once more, smiling at his old friend. Beginning

Vector Prime dueled with Galvatron in an existence after death.

Kiss Players


"Scary-Faced Gear Man," she calls him.

As ShaoShao piloted Fortress Maximus in pursuit of a mysterious golden hand that had stolen a fragment of the Allspark, the flying fortress crashed into a wall of time, scattering its passengers through space, time and relative dimensions.

After a brief adventure on Primus's surface, Shao found herself face to face with Vector Prime, who informed her that he was a former guardian of time and space and that she was trapped in a parallel world. He used his sword to slash a hole between dimensions, from which the golden hand emerged and grabbed ShaoShao, pulling her through.

Real world

At some undetermined point in Vector Prime's life, he took the time to answer a series of questions about himself, other Transformers, and the Transformers: Cybertron toyline in a recurring feature on Hasbro's official Transformers website called "Ask Vector Prime". Because of his mastery of time and space it is impossible to determine when exactly he visited (or perhaps merely communicated with) our universe, but it may have been during the course of events in the Cybertron animated series, as he answers questions regarding those events and other characters who he had not met before the series began. Alternatively, he may have answered the questions after the conclusion of the series from within the Allspark, which is known to be a dimensional nexus of sorts. This may be the geekiest paragraph ever written by human hands.


"Vector to Optimus Prime in his dimension."
―I have had long cycles here to contemplate, to consider, to attempt an understanding of this place. I created it, after all. It is my duty to understand it. And as far as I know, there is no great difference between the rates at which time passes here, and the dimensionation you came from.

Vector Prime was one of The Thirteen original Transformers. He was the monitor of time and space, the enforcer of celestial laws. He had control of time, he could travel forwards, backwards, even "sideways" through time, crossing dimensions. Like Solus Prime, Vector was a scientist, not a fighter, though he was famous for his sword fighting skills.

Prime cartoon

When Ratchet told the humans about the history of Cybertron, he showed them the Thirteen, Vector Prime included. One Shall Rise


After assembling the Blades of Time, Optimus Prime traveled through the portal it created in to another dimension created by Vector Prime. They discussed the War on Cybertron, how Megatron took the name of Megatronus Prime, The Fallen, and Vector Prime's former ally. Vector Prime said he could help, but he didn't reveal how...



  • Vector Prime (Voyager, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GC-03
    • Accessories: Sword, missile
VectorPrime toy

I'm the Last Autobot's beiger cousin.

First released in Japan, Vector Prime transforms into a large cybertronic space cruiser with "solar panel" wings, his shape seemingly taking cues from both the Beast Wars starship Axalon and the Star Wars Sith Infiltrator. His nosecone has a spring-loaded missile launcher at the tip. He is also one of the few early molds in the series to have Mini-Con Powerlinx plugs. Inserting his unique Cyber Planet Key in either mode activates electronic sounds. He comes with his Mini-Con partner Safeguard.
Vector Prime has some significant differences between the Takara and Hasbro releases. Takara's release uses a matte gray plastic with a lighter, burgundy-tinted brown, uses firmer plastic for his clear-blue parts, and has more intricate paint applications. Hasbro's release has a higher-contrast color scheme of white with chocolate-brown, more flexible clear-blue plastic (for safety reasons), and less intricate paint applications.
This mold is also used by Alpha Trion for BotCon 2007.
  • Vector Prime vs Starscream (Multi-pack, 2005)
    • Accessories: Sword, missile
The Vector Prime in this Toys 'R' Us exclusive pack is identical to the regular-retail version, even though the Starscream is not only a mold not available at normal US retail, but is in an entirely new coloration not used for its Japanese release.
  • Vector Prime (Legends of Cybertron, 2006)
LOC VectorPrime

And I'm his poorer cousin who can't afford paint.

As part of the Legends of Cybertron line, Vector Prime is a miniature, heavily-simplified version of the Voyager-class toy, yet retaining much of the sculpted detailing. He was part of the third wave of product, the first wave to be sold outside of "market six" stores and in "big box" chains like Toys 'R' Us and Kmart.
This mold was redecoed into Universe Scattershot.
  • Galaxy Force Vector Prime (Voyager, 2006)
    • Accessories: Sword, missile
Cyb GFVectorPrime toy

Safeguard pimps his ride. Fo sho.

Not to be confused with the Galaxy Force release of Vector Prime, Galaxy Force Vector Prime is a matte gold redeco of Vector Prime released near the end of the Cybertron toyline. His transparent blue parts were changed to transparent orange, and he has the same number of paint applications as the original Cybertron Vector Prime toy. The packaging photos show the figure to be considerably more blinged out than the final toy in production.
  • Vector Prime (Jollibee Kids Meal, 2007)
JollibeeVectorPrime toy

The Guardian of Shakes and Fries

Available exclusively from the Jollibee restaurant chain in the Phillipines, this small scale, extremely simplified version of Vector Prime was sold under the subline Transformers: Cybertron Robot Blasters. Similar to the Legends of Cybertron version, the Robot Blasters Vector Prime has an even more simplified transformation sequence and less articulation and paint detailing. However he impressively retains a significant amount of Vector Prime's sculpted detailing.


  • Vector Prime (Booster, 2006)
Attacktix VectorPrime

Go ahead. Ask me again about how well I blend.

Attacktix ID number:TF11
Special:Vengeance -- 2525 (77%) success ratio
Point Cost:40
Base Speed:4
Attack Type:Shooter (Energy Blast)
Part of the first assortment of Attacktix Transformers-series Booster packs, Vector Prime is one of the less stable shooters his size. He has three points of articulation (shoulders and waist) which you can use to put him in a more stable stance than his default, though it doesn't look very comfortable.
Vector Prime appears to have been created as the counterpart to the powerful Decepticon Scorponok figure. His Special Power is the antithesis of Scorponok's, allowing you to instantly remove up to two of your opponent's in-play Insecticons. Who knew Vector Prime hated Terrorcons so much?
This version uses the Takara coloration of gray with a metallic burgundy, although promotional photos of a more Hasbro-release-like white redeco was often used by Hasbro.

Universe (2008)

  • Vector Prime (Voyager, 2009)

Viddy well, droogies: A Clockwork Black, Brown, and Silver, with Some Light Blue, and Just Two Small Bits of Orange.

Black repaint alert! And this time, you don't have to go to a convention to get it. This version of Vector Prime is repainted in a color scheme similar to the Last Autobot.
The battery compartment is sealed and the electronic gimmicks have been taken out for this release, rendering the Cyber Planet Key useless. As compensation, it comes with a fashionable Cyber Planet Key with chromed planet symbol parts.


  • "Vector Prime" was originally the proposed name for Sentinel Maximus, going so far as being printed on Sentinel Maximus' shipping cases.
  • According to the Hasbro panel at BotCon 2006, Vector Prime's head was largely based around the Autobot insignia. At one point in the design process, a flip-down battle mask identical to the Autobot symbol was proposed.[4] Also, his early sketch shows that he was supposed to have two swords.[5]
  • In humanoid mode, Vector Prime's wings look like a cape.
  • Vector Prime's voice actor Richard Newman had previously voiced Beast Wars Rhinox. He seemed to be channeling Rhinox, with an older, British accented voice.

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