Various Unnamed Terrorcons are Cybertronian and Predacon zombies animated and brought to life by Dark Energon from their graves and controlled by Megatron in his conquest of Earth and then by Unicron in his conquest of Cybertron.


Most of them were animated on an ancient battleground from Cybertron where most of the dead are lying there because of the Great War which took all the lives of Autobots and Decepticons.

Megatron sent his multiple Terrocons at Optimus Prime and Ratchet but were defeated. Next, he sent a huge chunk of Dark Energon through a Space Bridge to raise all of Cybertron's dead into his legions of Terrorcons to invade Earth but were all killed in the space bridge explosion.

Unicron used his Terrorcons to try and attack the spark of Primus in Predacons Rising.


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