It's been a while since I have visited this domain. And although I knew this wiki wouldn't be able to keep up with the vastly superior after the main group of admins running this site copied all the articles and transferred them to the new domain, I had no idea this wiki would fall so far from grace. Just looking at the abundance of redlinks on the Robots in Disguise article and the tiny page for Age of Extinction are two of many reasons why I believe that there are either: 1. Barely anyone actually contributing to this wiki, or 2. Everyone on this wiki is just too lazy to contribute anything of any value. Don't believe me? Do you think this wiki's still going strong, in its own kind of way? Then you are deluded. This wiki has barely more than 8,000 articles, a number very close to the value in 2011, while the new wiki,, has over 20,000. Need I say more? I know that a lot of people already know this, but for the people who still contribute, and most importantly, read this wiki as a source of information, I highly recommend you cease doing so and let this wiki die. Turn off the life support, it's been through enough already.

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