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Transformers MP-17 Masterpiece Prowl is unbeatable

MP-17 Masterpiece Prowl (79)

Police car model

Thus PROWL my favorite Transformer

In 1984 began the G1 series of Transformers , the Autobots against the Decepticons , my favorite Transformer MIRAGE would have been , but he by my cousin Sander was purchased by where I autobot PROWL put aside , I bought PROWL of my birthday money as a third Transformer , because Jetfire was the first and great Transformer that I got from my parents for my birthday so PROWL was my favorite Transformer , I was sorry that I had refused , I started PROWL PROWL fun to have red horns find no other Transformer did that, it went well for a while and under between I had a feeling of guilt at about PROWL because I had rejected him. PROWL I saw in the TV series of the Transformers G1 version . Until in 1986 with PROWL something happened where I was not happy , PROWL was by Scavenger in Transformers : The Movie murdered , this made me angry , I decided to take revenge on the makers of , me Transformers : The Movie . Because JAZZ must survive the weather. And listening is not the producer of the Transformers , everyone has their favorite Transformer , and with me is that PROWL , in this way you are just as bad as a Decepticon , keep your hands off PROWL off! And I 'm glad they have taken , this film from the cinema but I decided to design as new Transformer as if I wanted to see him again PROWL PROWL was a leader of the autobots better than OPTIMUS PRIME or Rodimus PRIME . I called him PROWLDIMUS PRIME , PROWL for that , so be PROWLDIMUS PRIME PROWL has the fusion cannon MEGATRON won , during the fight with OPTIMUS PRIME has PROWL the fusion cannon caught and placed it on his arm , and there Opens the MATRIX and PROWL as moisture PROWLDIMUS PRIME in Unicron with GALVTRON and defeated him . Transformers Masterpiece MP-17 Prowl has finally arrived, and this time there is no Scavenger or Megatron to kill him.

If he is, he gets some adjustments so Prowl is unbeatable.
MP-17 Masterpiece Prowl (72)

Sonny is glad Transformer Masterpiece Prowl is

Why gave Sonny a fusion cannon to Prowl?

For Sonny Transformers the movie, the movie was not where it was intended that Autobot PROWL would die, but it had only OPTIMUS PRIME going to die, but the producer had to explicitly express PROWL also have some Sonny as Prowl Fan irritated and decided to give an adaptation of the film had Bumblebee, Jazz, Blurr Hotrod and die. in his Transformers the movie Where between Jazz would be slain. Shot by the Decepticon SCAVENGER Prowl on earth are the son of Spike, Daniel. When Optimus Prime came to earth to MEGATRON stop the leader of the Decepticons Prowl saw during the fight a chance to win. Megatrons fusion cannon Prowl placed the powerful weapon on his arm.Prowl and fires on the Decepticons, in which the Decepticons Astrotrain withdraw and take to the skies.
Prowl met het kanon van Megatron 2

Prowl won the fusion cannon Megatron

Prowl met het fusiekanon (20)

Also Masterpiece Prowl has a fusion cannon

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