For the new transformers movie, the plot should be more stimulating rather robots fighting again and again CONCEPT 1 The new movie could include fusion of tranformium and human blood. The fusion species could be known as humatrons i.e. those fusion species that could transform in both human as well as vehicle and transformer species. Their disguise could change time to time. Just as a transformer specie synchronises to a car by seeing it, humatrons could see people and disguise with them and not only human transformation but vehicles,airplanes,tanks too. Their body could be as big as prime and as small as a business man or women. Their power could be in so much disguise that no transformers detector could distinguish whether its human or robot. They could transform just like galvotron and stinger does in age of extinction by disassociating their bodies. their powers .they power would be so enormous that even prime wont be able to defeat them. They maybe the most powerful and unpredictable enemies . To counter them ,all the dead autobots like ironhide ,jazz, rachet etc. would fuse their body with a human specie with help of tranformium experiment.seeing this galvotron would make decepticon humatrons (maybe known as humacons), and build an army for fighting them. hald fight at earth and half at cybertron. But since humatrons are undeafeatable therefore only the creators of transformers species could give to solution to kill the humatrons. The protagonist cade yeager (Mark Wahlberg) would himself volunteer the humatrons fussion so that he could lead the autobots humatrons army because as a human he could understand the meaning of living like it. The fight would end galvotron with some of humicons hide and optimus and cade yeager would flourish a new cybertron with humatrons and transformer species

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