There has been a lot of price gouging from my perspective. The tranformers are getting considerably expensive. There excuse is supply and demand. That has been the universal excuse for a long time now. The average joe cant afford these toys like we use to. Come on now between 50 and 150 dollars for and incomplete prime.Why i say that is were is the trailers now. The sell optimus prime without a trailer what a rip. We use to get trailer with him every single time we bought him. Now we have to buythe trailer separate now if we want one but thats not the only kicker they r selling them between 50 and a 100 dollars. I thought that was against some code or law. What r they trying to say only the rich can buy these toys. and saying goodbuy to the average joe who really brought the company to were it is today. Shame on hasbro and takara for ruining peoples childhood and hobbies. This is america not the moon. We r so pose to be free not free at the idea of beeing free if u have a million dollars. This tranformers thing is not just a hobby its a llifestyle and when big corperation forgets there roots we the people suffer for there deeds. And we r at the mercy of there thoughts. So please people lets come to some agreement with hasbro an takara to get these prices down so we can start enjoying there company once again. And lets start getting the trailer back for prime.

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