Fourteen years have passed since Nova81426 created this wiki. This was at a time when FANDOM, then known as Wikicities only allowed the foundation of a wiki if there was a considerably large fandom. At that time Transformers already had a large fanbase, with Cybertron being the most recent season and a live-action movie in early development, which would later turn out to be a huge success with four follow-up movies in the main group and also the Bumblebee spin-off. In this wiki's earliest days it was maintained by Suki Brits, ItsWalky, Chris McFeely, Steve-o, Apcog and Repowers. Some of them are still active on TFWiki. In Fall 2008 Wikia introduced a new skin which was heavily disliked by most users. This caused many users to leave Wikia and gave rise to the Anti-Wikia-Alliance, a group of editors who are dissatified with Wikia and provide help with forking from there. As a result of the fork most admins were demoted. This marked the dawn of a new era for the now mostly depopulated Transformers Wiki. TX55 ultimately took over the leadership alongside further admins like Jeep!, Xeno the Hedgehog and Ultra Magnus 506. At around 2014 those admins also were inactive, leaving this wiki once again without active leadership. In 2015 Reunthal adopted this wiki and also promoted Lelouch Di Britannia. However both became inactive soon, which culminated in FortressMaximus and me adopting this wiki in 2017. Since then this wiki has turned a bit more active and is currently in negotiations with Transformers Prime Wiki in order to merge both wikis and unite Transformers fans from the entire FANDOM network. Let's hope for a brighter future for this wiki.

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