After a long time of neglect this wiki finally has new bureaucrats: FortressMaximus and me. It is just natural that this also brings changes with itself, which are inevitable as this wiki has been neglected for a long time. This wiki's Twitter account hasn't been in use since 2009 and the Facebook pages about this wiki are closed. So it is the best for this wiki to start new social media accounts on up to sixteen social media networks as it is custom on MoviezWorldwide's wikis. As well all other wikis run by MoviezWorldwide are now partnered with this wiki by default, in order to get new members on this wiki. Affiliations of course still have to be negotiated. Furthermore other features related to MoviezWorldwide's wikis could come into use such as meeting on chat at a predetermined time or even screencasting the chat. Furthermore transcripts would also be useful for this wiki to regain interest by the wider community. In the long term it is possible for this wiki to catch up and come close to Tfwiki. We just need enough members who edit regularly, look at the articles Tfwiki has and engage in rewriting articles without resulting to plagiarism. Of course there will be a lot to do, but it is not impossible for this wiki to at least become more active again. From what I saw this wiki managed to rise in the WAM Score during the last year, so obviously this wiki already has improved a lot. We just have to make sure that it rises to even higher ranks. And with a lot of activity and good social media promotion this can be done.

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