One day, Pingu was walking around when he heard crazy music. Then he remembered it from Pingu Boogaloo. But then he saw it was coming from a car that was red, white, and blue. He thought it was supposed to be an American thingy, but then it transformed into a giant robot. Pingu ran back into his igloo and told his parents, who didn’t believe him and told him to eat his green beans. So he slurped them up with a straw, threw up a buncha times, and ran into the North Pole somehow. “That little thing sure is fast,” said the giant robot. Pingu was stranded at the North Pole for three years days, until that crazy giant robot (whose name was Jazz) came along on a steamboat (Tidal Wave) and picked Pingu up and carried him back to the South Pole. Pingu then fell over and ate drank ten plates of green beans and a dumpling.

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