Hey there everyone! My name is BlueSpeeder, a new user on this wiki who noticed something very peculiar here. On this wiki, I've noticed that it looks awful familiar, if not, exactly, like the Transformers Website. Now, I'm not saying this is unacceptable, considering I don't know why this wiki is similar to the website, but I think it's best if we were to change this wiki. This is just a suggestion, so bear with me.

I noticed a lot of similarities even within articles on this wiki. Take for example the Optimus Prime (Animated) article; it is set up exactly like the website sets up their respective article. Maybe if we were to try a different standard, we could be separated from the website. Instead of "A washout from the Elite Guard, Optimus Prime was reassigned to space bridge repair duty under the supervision of Ratchet," we could do "Optimus Prime is a character that appears in the Transformers Animated continuity." We could explain what affiliation he's in, what episode he debut in, etc.

Also, the templates. Too many of the templates here are just copied from the website. I suggest we take a different route, using stylized infoboxes like Sonic the Hedgehog Wiki uses. Or like the Mobius Encyclopedia Wiki uses. Just a suggestion.

We should also get rid of the comedic tone on this wiki. This might be a bummer for a few of us, but I for one would prefer an encyclopedia that, while having a joke here and there, is mostly serious. Maybe the trivia section we could have some comical moments, but I prefer if we move on the style to the Sonic Wiki. Granted, we're not that wiki and I'm only bringing this wiki up because I reside from it, but I personally like Transformers. I want to help this wiki grow and be something different from the Transformers Website.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. I'll add anymore suggestions if I think of any. Let me know what you guys think about this change. Thanks!

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