Hey, Ethan here aka anakinejo and DarkFury101.I wanted to talk about how that idiot Michael Bay screwed up Transformers. I remember the original Transformers when,Optimus Prime didn't have a human mouth,when back then his "battle mask",was actually his mouth. In the first Transformers movie Michael Bay did Spike Witwicky as a Hispanic-looking dude who had black hair named Sam Witwicky. In the movie Sam also had white parents. Remember in G1 when Bumblebee was a only like a foot taller than Spike? Yeah, well not anymore, Bumblebee was friggin' 3 stories tall! In Age of Extinction the dude who invaded, we had no idea who he was. In AOE, Galvatron was made by human scientists not Unicron. I'll have more tomorrow I'm planning for this to be 4-part series,but I might cut it short. By-bye

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