ZacWilliam is a human transfan from the Generation 1 era until today.

Zachary William Finkenstein was borm May 18th 1976. His first transforming toy was the Go-bot Space-C (which he still has, minus her arms), his first Transformer was Brawn (only missing 1 arm, he wins :)) given to him by his Grandmother. MANY, MANY more followed.

He's married, 2 years now, an ammatuer writter and artist in his spare time and a bibliophile professionally. He can't spell to save his life and spends way more time than he should online, and is currently working on a world record for the "Longest in Production Graduate Thesis."


ZacWilliam used to write fanfic, back when he was in collage and actually had free time. The best was probably "Tigerhawk's Story" about the nature and fate of the BW character and "Eternity's Daughter" about the fate of the Female Autobots from the G1 Cartoon.

Real life prevented him from ever finishing "Rise of the Morningstar" an ongoing TF story started back in the '90s inspired by Simon Furman, Paradise Lost, and Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books. Strangely a lot of stuff he just totally made up while attempting to channel Furman, has since turned up in actual TF fiction, to the point that even if it was ever finished it'd seem rather knock-offish and redundant now. Oh well.


Thanks to generous parents ZacWilliam was a near completist from 1984 until the onset of the "Era of Uber-repainting" that commenced near the end of Beast Wars. He still has most of them, though the older they are the worse shape they're in. (Toys are for playing after all.) Now that he's married, he tries to please his wife by curbing his Transformer purcheses to only the best of the best and any really cool G1 inspired stuff.

A glance around his bedroom as he writes this turns up a quick count of ~84 TFs colonizing the furniture in this room alone. His wife is cool enough not to mind.


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