I'm trying to localize all transformers memes for russian language.


dO YOu lik RusSiaN JaAm?!

This user is from Russia.

This user is programmer for 3 years, using PHP, HTML, JavaScrpit, Visual Basic.NET.

This user can speak English, but not very well sometimes because english teaching in school sucks.

This user learned about 40% of english from programming(hell yeah, this is not joke).

This user enjoys watching Unicron Trilogy.

This user doesn't like G1 so much.

This user thinks Animated sucks.

This user doesn't know you reading his page now.

This user also visits Wikihunt, WoWWiki, Grand Theft Wiki and Micropedia.

My toys

I have watched...

1) Beast Wars

2) Animated

3) The Transformers: The Movie

4) Transformers (film)

5) Armada

6) Cybertron

7) Robots in Disguise

8) Beast Machines

9) Energon - 34/51, awating <<< Best

I hate Japanese counterpars and Japanese exclusives

I hate Animated

My favorite characters


Хер. Защищать и служить как можно лучше!

Bruticus. Or Ruination, well..

Inferno. Awesome pyromaniac, not firetruck

Obsidian (Coolest character in Beast Machines)


Great warrior, mercenary, king - how do you not like that Starscream?

Tidal Wave. Not gay-like Mirage.

Bruticus Maximus. Breaking all canons(not cannon, dammit!), he is pretty smart.

Ransack. Thunderblast's boyfriend.

My contributions

My favorite pages

Slag (slang)

Megatron (Armada)


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