Cyb Elite Guard Badge

I love this logo

Hello,my name is Thunder Blood or TDB.I'm Autobot.I'm secret police of Cybertron.but it's not important.Cybertron have big problem.Cybertron's problem is civil war.Civil war started in 4 million ago.Megatron Stupid leader of Decepticreep want to leader of universal but he must destroy Autobots and good Decepticons.Autobots and good Decepticons must together for fight with Megatron and bad Decepticons but this war destroy energy.Energy is Cybertronian's important food.If we don't have food.We must lost.Please,join to Elite guard.You can know more data by watching video on right this page.Cybertron need you!


It's my work


Don't think this logo is Autobot logo



 "Dear,Fox Mikenla my love
      Before you to Nicolus Drake's girlfriend.I love you very much but i'am late.I can't win your heart but can you send to me "I'm your bestfriend?.This time I have mission.I must do it complete.Please,call me.Good bye beautiful.
                                                                                                      Love very much
                                                                                                   Thunder Blood or TDB"
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