The Return of Convoy toyline was introduced in Japan in 1991 as a continuation of the main Generation 1 toyline. The lineup consisted of 16 sets, all Autobots. All except Grandus and Sixliner came with a Micro Trailer. The W Teams were made up of two pairs of Micromaster Combiners, as opposed to the three pairs included with the US Combiner Squads.("W" for "double"...get it?)

Commanders/Micromaster Bases

Micromaster Teams

Micro Trailer

  1. Big Truck Team
  2. Hot Rod Team
  3. Military Team
  4. Shuttle Rocket W Team
  5. Fire Tanker W Team
  6. Radar Hover W Team
  7. Dump Shovel W Team
  8. Crane Cannon W Team
  9. Jet Tank W Team
  10. Rescue Patrol Team
  11. Battle Patrol Team
  12. Super Car Patrol Team

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