I, Sysop Steve-o Stonebraker, should really be working on my Transformers FAQ instead of this Wiki. But let's face it, more people will read the wiki.

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We've decided, essentially that anything from or licensed by Hasbro/Takara is real. No fanworks, no fannon (we do mark possible explanations for oddities it it doesn't seem too speculative) but we're also damn rigid that the canon says what it says. That means author intent can't override actual events, Dreamwave's constant easter-egging is treated at face value and when you write an article about Mirage, you can't describe his power using tech-jargon from Star Trek you think makes more sense, you have to use the terminology from the cartoon, or tech-spec or something- no matter how lame. We take our Transformers seriously. If you want articles filled with vaguely-worded statements based on how people remember things happening, go to Wikipedia. We actually watch episodes and re-read comics or books to double-check our sources when we're not sure.
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