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Pages currently linked from main help

  • Introduction - Start here! Very basic info about the purpose of this site and using Wikis.
  • Transformers Wiki:Policies - The policies and practices of this wiki as reached by general consensus, regarding conduct, humor, not-being-Wikipedia, and more.
  • Franchise identifiers - Names and abbreviations for all the different franchises that have been part of the Transformers brand.
  • Article types and titles - The main types of articles on this Wiki and how to title them.
  • Disambiguation - Instructions for how to deal with things like needing more than one article called "Optimus Prime".
  • Style guide - Lots of little things to keep in mind when working on pages. How we like to employ humor, capitalize things, how to cite your sources of information, and stuff like that.
  • User Page - Tips and etiquette for your own user page and others'.
  • Transformers Wiki talk:Community Portal - Community discussion about ongoing issues. If you've got questions or comments that affect multiple pages, this is the place to ask.
  • Editing - Instructions on using the mediawiki software to actually change pages. Syntax examples for making links, page headings, tables, etc..
  • Coming soon - Usually we update the wiki with new information as soon as it's released, but only if that information was actually released to the public as opposed to stolen and sold on eBay, leaked from a production house, or published just-yesterday in a members-only fan club newsletter. This article explains our policy and how to mark articles as being intentionally-incomplete.

Covered in Transformers Wiki:Policies

  • Not wikipedia
    • No wikipedia articles
      • Various reasons
    • Humor
      • In images
      • In article text
    • Add that we don't use their infoboxes
  • We hate lists
  • Glossary
    • De-snarking
    • Dogpile
    • IP User
    • Sign your posts
    • Signal to noise
  • Definitions
    • Toy-only/comic-only...
  • Basic conduct
  • Legal isses
    • Copyright
  • Footnotes

Pages in meta namespaces not yet linked to

Stuff to create/add

  • Page for misc soft policies that are agreed on in random talk pages but don't have a clear home in the main help pages.
  • Make sure to rewrite but include:
We've decided, essentially that anything from or licensed by Hasbro/Takara is real. No fanworks, no fannon (we do mark possible explanations for oddities it it doesn't seem too speculative) but we're also damn rigid that the canon says what it says. That means author intent can't override actual events, Dreamwave's constant easter-egging is treated at face value and when you write an article about Mirage, you can't describe his power using tech-jargon from Star Trek you think makes more sense, you have to use the terminology from the cartoon, or tech-spec or something- no matter how lame. We take our Transformers seriously. If you want articles filled with vaguely-worded statements based on how people remember things happening, go to Wikipedia. We actually watch episodes and re-read comics or books to double-check our sources when we're not sure.
  • Comic issue naming conventions.
  • Exemplar articles for various article types.
  • Very specific guidelines on certain formatting things, like how to write out quotes, alternate name lines, fourth-wall-breaking notes, etc.?
  • "Why don't you do X?" answers... why no character infobox? why no tech specs? why no mottos?
  • Master list of what order to list continuities in for fiction sections... AUGH.
  • Add stolen toy discussion to coming soon policy.
  • Link to new user "greeting" templates like caption bastard.
  • Characters who change their name... article title should be the name under which they first appeared in fiction, unless their first toy (if they had toys) uses a later name. This convoluted rule allows us to keep Wing Saber instead of moving him to Wing Dagger without having to move Overhaul (Cybertron) to Leobreaker.
  • No pop culture references unless all restricted to a single ghetto article.
  • Main picture for character pages should be their "first body", or perhaps a pic with multiple bodies. Even if that body is not the most prominent? Surely we mean "first toy body" or something, to bring up the old Wing Dagger thing again... sigh.
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