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A Bit About Me

Before we start anything here, You should probably be warned, I in no way tolerate rudeness and plan to consistently and indiscriminately call it out wherever I see it here on Teletraan-1. Now, lets continue:


Hey hey, lets skip introductions and get right to the point! Ever since i was a young child i have LOVED science fictions and the tech involved in them in, namely, robots! My toy box was cluttered with star wars ships and droids and also what i much later in life would come to know as G1 transformers. "Wait, that implies you didn't know they were Transformers!" you may be saying. That is correct. You see, when i was young, my mother and i would often go to yard sales. Many of the toys i had, i had gotten at yard sales! Seeing that i was born in 1992, i missed G1, and when i was young and would watch beast wars, i had no idea what was going on. Perhaps when the original fans were too old to be playing with these toys and decided to sell them, i was the cute little child to snatch them up at the yard sales. I had what i would later find out were the supergobot Cy-kill, a Rodimus Prime without the trailer, the pretender with out the shell, Bomb-Burst and probably countless others that have slipped out of memory through the ages. I retain fond memories of these figures, but tragically, no longer have them (my mother decided since i refused to clean my room, it was a good idea to trash all the figures i loved so much.) I still have fond memories of sitting on my bed, and having bomb-burst and cy-kill have adventures on the rocky hills of my bed covers. As i aged, i phased out collecting robots and such.

More recent:

When i heard about the 2007 movie coming out, i was very excited. It rekindled my passion for robots that turn into stuff. I acquired the original G1 Cartoon and watched it all. I am currently in the process of watching all transformer shows released in america (i am currently still on beast wars). I have now truly become a transformers collector. I purchased many of the movie line figures, and obtained what i could of past lines (Classics Grimlock, Cybertron Scrapmetal and 20th Anniversary DVD edition Optimus Prime). I plan on obtaining a large chunk of the animated and universe line, and there is no doubt in my mind i will be getting the 25th anniversary reissue of Optimus Prime. I plan to attend botcon, but being as young as i am, its hard to get transportation to other states for a transformers convention.

On the site:

I want to be an outstanding contributing member. I really want to help and make this wiki the best it can be, as i am sure any user of this site does. However, i have some limitations... I have never in my life picked up a transformers comic, and i still have yet to watch RiD and most of the unicron trilogy. Also, it has come to my attention that i come across as...well...a total bitch. I really am not trying to be. it just happens and i apologize in advance! I always mean well, please understand that. I do feel however that i am a very funny person (i constantly am complimented on my wit) and i definitely feel that i can contribute to the humor of the site greatly. I am trying not to fight, especially with those who are outstanding members of the community, but sometimes its hard. Try to give me some slack though, i dont have full understanding of policies, and setups and all that. If you can help me, it would be really appreciated, don't be harsh, be understanding! like i said, i really want to be a good contributor, if you can send any advice, go right ahead.

Beliefs I hold tightly to:

  1. A Wiki is a group effort. If something isn't right, don't complain, fix it.
  2. Rudeness is never acceptable. Everyone deserves respect.
  3. Advertisements in articles is just wrong (Wikia, you need to shape up!)
  4. Arguments should be kept to a minimum. Just go with the flow. (and yes i realize recently that seems rather hypocritical)
  5. Revert wars are ridiculous, as i said in point 4, just go with the flow, someone changes something, just go with it. Don't have a bitch fit.
  6. The Decepticons will rule Cybertron, and Megatron will rule the Decepticons!
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