Sure, Starscream, I have no doubts on your sucess.

Hey, Skycommander00 here!! I am a Transformers fanatic, I always get more information on my fav characters. You can also find me on youtube as kesharoks! I am currently an admin on the Dark of The Moon wiki.

People give me a funny look when I say I love Transformers, so what if I'm a girl, I like what I like! I used to be afraid of what people would say if they knew, so I would hide the TF comics I brought to school. But one day on the way to lunch, a comic slipped out of my hands, and when this boy walked by and saw, he said "Cool, you like Transformers?". Thats when I stopped trying to hide it. Dont be afraid to show who you really are, chances are, people will find you awesome!

Fun Fact: Did you know that Bumblebee (Movie) has a license plate on his would be crotch?

So more about mwah. My favorite Autobot is Sideswipe, just look at my slideshow lol. My favorite Decepticon, well, its a three way tie between Starscream, Soundwave, and Ravage. It seems wrong, but I favor Decepticons over Autobots.

Ever since my mishap with the Sideswipe Movie profile picture( I call it The Great Picture Mistake of 2011), I've decided to just be a grammar and info clean up editor, occasionally adding pics to the site. So if there is a spelling or info or grammar mistake out there, the Grammar Police is coming for you!! WEE WOO WEE WOO!

I own a Chase figure!

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