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Template:Caption notice Please contribute more actual contents instead of changing captions/jokes. Write an episode summary, check out the Most Wanted Pages list or the Stubs list. Hi, and thanks for taking the time to adjust some of the picture captions. If you're looking for other things to do, please feel free to check out the Most Wanted Pages list or the Stubs list.
Template:Copycat This, no copy! Please do not copy contents directly from other site, especially when you are not the original contributor. Hi. Please don't copy content from another site unless it has been published under a free license. Thanks!
Template:Correctenglish Please proofread your contributions more thoroughly. By default, we require correct English in our articles, including correct spelling, punctuation, and use of capital letters. If your edits don't follow these rules other editors may choose to revert them rather than spend their time cleaning up your mistakes. Hi, and thanks for your contributions. Please try to be more careful with spelling and grammar. It's true that the wiki process allows for other folks to fine tune articles, but it would make everyone's roles easier if you could adhere to better sentence structure, etc. Thanks!
Template:Layout notice You've just ruined a page. When adding images, please be careful and not to ruin the page layout. Tip: "Preview" button is very useful. Hi, thanks for adding an image to one our articles! Here's the proper format you should use when adding a picture: ***** You can use the Preview button to see how it will look. Thanks!
Template:Newbie packet
Template:Newpage notice Thanks for contribution, but... If you want to create a page, please do it well or just don't create it before you know how to write an article well. Hi, thanks for starting a new article. I noticed you were having some trouble with it. Is there anything I can do to help?
Template:Nofanficplz That ain't the way I heard it... You've been posting what this wiki would term fan fiction. We don't allow fan fiction here except for in limited quantities on your user page. If you've really got a burning urge to catalogue fan fiction minutiae, please see the Transfanon wiki. Hi, there. I see that you've been posting some fan fiction here. We don't actually cover that on this wiki, but you might be happy to know that Wikia has a community for fan fiction at the Transfanon Wiki.
Template:Notachatroom You're Chatting Too Much. This wiki is a reference document, not a chatroom. The Talk pages are for discussing how to improve the wiki. The User Talk pages are for requesting and receiving advice (and admonishments) about how to improve the wiki. They're not for random fandom chatting. Hi. Just so you know, talk pages should be used for discussing how to improve the wiki. If you'd like to engage in fan discussion, we recommend, Transformer World 2005, or The Allspark.
Template:Notareference "EVERY place reminds you of some place else." Two unrelated things may have some kind of vague, remote, tiny, tenuous similarity, but that alone does not a reference make. Please try to avoid grasping at straws. Hi. The reference you added for **** doesn't clearly source the information you tagged. Can you clarify the source for this? Thanks!
Template:Previewbutton Stillness... then strike! Please use the Preview button when making numerous small changes to a single page, using "Save page" only after all your changes are made. This way, you don't clutter the Recent Changes page with a ton of tiny little edits. Hi, thanks for your contributions! Here's a tip for you: when editing a page, you can use the Preview button to see what the page will look like once it's saved. This helps keep the list of edits in Recent Changes down to a minimum so that other contributors can easily navigate what's happening on the wiki. I hope that helps!
Template:Scoop caution OMG, TO THE WIKI! Teletraan I does not include information that is, leaked, stolen or snuck on our pages. See our relevant Policy Page for more info. For information that has been officially released, adding a link to the source may prevent confusion. Hi, and thanks for the information you added. Unfortunately our policy dictates that we don't accept information that is leaked unofficially. Can you provide an official source for the information you added? Thanks.
Template:Signyourposts I Got Yer Unsigned Post Right Here. Please sign your posts to Talk pages. It's easy. Just type four tildes, then click Show Preview, and the wiki software will automatically fill in your name and a datestamp. Signed posts make it much easier to keep track of who said what, and when. Also, if you don't do this, you risk having your posts removed entirely. Hi, thanks for adding to the discussion. When you leave a message on a talk page, you can add your username and timestamp to the end of your post with four tildes, ~~~~, so people know who left the message and when. Thanks!
Template:Spoilerabuse Too much knowledge can be a bad thing. You've been abusing spoilers in the articles you've been editing. While this wiki strives to be accurate and up to date, we also have to be mindful to mark spoilers and not flash them in people's faces. Please see the spoiler policy. Hi, and thanks for your contributions! Please take a look at our spoiler policy and make sure that you tag those sections appropriately. Thanks!
Template:Tagyourpics I belong to NOBODY! You've been uploading a lot of images without properly tagging the source or the relevant copyrights. Please see our Image Policy on how to do this properly. Hi, and thanks for the images you've been uploading. Please be sure to select the appropriate copyright from the drop-down menu, so we know where they come from.
Template:Upload notice File uploading notice. If you see this message, it means your file don't qualified our standard.

Please reupload the file to meet our image standard.

Hi, and thanks for uploading your picture. Please check out our Policy for what should be uploaded and what shouldn't. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks!