Personal canon

NOTE:my "personal canon" takes place in the classics toyline.

  • In my own personal little canon,there is a character called gearshot. (Imagine cybertron Hot-Shot in silver with a robotic he-man-ish head with red eyes.) Unsurprisingly,he is the brother and creator of Ultra Magnus,and (hey,he's a fan-char,so sue me) one of the thirteen original transformers,cybertron's greatest scientist (though Perceptor still knows more about math). Unfortunately,not all of his experiments are equally legal. I can fill a whole page about this guy,though this wikia is about official transformers,so that won't happen.
He has a rivalry with Sunstorm.
  • Sunstorm is a seeker,not just a clone of starscream. He doesn't really hide between decepticon troops though,and usually travels around exterminating autobot colonies throughout the universe. He is gold,as opposed to official incarnations' yellow white and orange. His weapon is a set of claws (imagine arm mounted lego bionicle fangs) which he can use in the following ways:
-Stab an opponent,a really well-aimed stab can make weak(er) bots explode into a burst of solar energy. This attack takes relatively long to recharge.
-Shoot an opponent,he shoots one burst from each claw,this does not damage a transformer on the outside,but rather overheats the inside of a transformers,causing them to temporarily shutdown untill cooled off. usefull for capturing autobots (or in some cases even decepticons) for his brother to torture. This attack takes long to recharge.
-Slash an opponent,this causes an infected scar that will burn excruciatingly when exposed to sunlight,victims are forced to live in the shadows untill insanity strikes or reinforcements arrive to remove the infected part. In most cases only a part of the outer shell has to be cut off,deeper infections usually means an entire body part has to be removed. Does not usually have to recharge in-battle,he recharges this attack when he leaves a colony with his spaceship.
He has an eternal Rivalry with Gearshot.
and he always travels with his brother.
  • Sunstroke,the brother of sunstorm,a conehead. His preferred attack is shooting a disk into his opponent which (similiar to a tazer) continuously sends waves of electricity through the body of the opponent,Sunstroke just LOVES trying to break his record of keeping an opponent alive longer at higher shockrates.He can use a wrist-mounted remote control to change strength or speed of the shocks. Victims can't move and continuously get shocked untill a fellow autobot,(or in some of Sunstroke's maniacal cases,a fellow decepticon) removes the disk by -for example- shooting it off. Sunstroke is not much less intelligent than masterminds like megatron or bugbite (who is in my personal continuity pretty fricking smart),he just doesn't bother scheming for two reasons:
1:his brother seems to do pretty well in that area.
2:striking with chaos pleases him much more.

He shares the enemies of his brother. Ultra Magnus often keeps him distracted while Gearshot and Sunstorm are fighting.

  • Nemesis Prime and Shockwave form the leaders of the neo-decepticons,to overthrow megatron's decepticons and the team lead by bugbite,which also plots to overthrow megatron. Shockwave has a suspicion Bugbite works for bludgeon.
  • The seekers,insecticons and Megatron were reverted to their original form (no longer Scourge and the gang) as a punishment by Unicron,their intelligence remained however,and the seekers working for bugbite plan to use it to overthrow megatron with their new power and intelligence,Skywarp is determined to stop those traitors for good,he is one of few Decepticons who still believes in megatron's cause.

Ramjet and Starscream don't bother with bugbite's forces so much,but rather with the autobots.

More to come soon.

I realy love Ultra Magnus. I don´t care if he has his armor or not,he´s just my favourite.

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