Welcome to razorstrike's page everyone!!! (except for autobots, you guys better leave now)

Welcome powerful decepticons! I'm fairly new to wikia anything. I didn't join that long ago and don't know much about it, so decepticons who know stuff tell me what the slag a young bot's supposed to do. Hail Megatron!!! The decepticons will rise again!!! Oh, and another thing, no autobots better bother to ruin any pages I edit, especially this one, or else lord Megatron will come to my aid and SLAG YOU!

Symbol decept reg

All hail megatron!!!

Now all you decepticon-haters that sent me death threats, I just want you all to know that I like one certain autobot, but Megatron is over ALL DECEPTICONS!!!

Favorite characters

Let me know if anymore decpticons appear in the animated series that I dont find out about first.

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