Hi everyone! I'm PacifistPrime, (from that you can probably guess who's my favourite 'bot, and my preferred interpretation of his character) a long-time, moderately hardcore Australian transfan, but not one who's ever really been involved in online discussion groups or fora. I'm old enough to have been into G1 when they were originally around, although I probably started a bit younger than some of you (I was born in 1981, but bear in mind that toys & the show hung around for quite a while here in Oz.)

Primarily a fan of G1 (toys, cartoon, comics, ladybird books... everything!) and Beast Wars, although I also like Beast Machines and have a perverse soft spot for the Armada toyline, but definitely not the anime. In fact, my tastes are fairly hostile to most of the Japanese-originated Fictions, especially their unavoidably atrocious dubs, glacial plotting and overall "silliness". Not that that's stopped me from buying Headmasters, Masterforce and Victory on DVD (twice), but that has more to do with me being a completist than actually enjoying it (as of this writing, it's taken me about 5 years to get through the first two series. Pure, unadulterated masochism...)

Japanese toys however are another story. Star Convoy a-go-go!

I liked the Movie.

The main articles I've originated are (Scale and Micro-Continuities). My edits on other pages seem to upset people occasionally, especially my views on continuity. I am sometimes accused of being an "asshole" for reasons that escape me. Oh well.

P.S. PacifistPrime's flagrantly opinionated list of flagrant opinions:

1] The Dreamwave era was a visual treat but most of the writing left me cold, even including the elsewhere-sainted Furman. Oh, and Pat Lee can lick my chrome bearings.

2] I like the notion of Megatron founding the Decepticon movement, and I also like the idea that Optimus Prime is just the latest of a string of wartime Primes. However, I dislike the resulting implication that Megs is in any way significantly older or more experienced than Prime. This is a paradox.

3] Derek Yaniger is the most criminally-underrated TF artist since Geoff Senior. TFG2's second issue has one of the top five TF covers ever.

4] The Cybertronians being created by Quintessons as consumer goods is bollocks, despite being canon. However, like many fans I nevertheless like Quints and yet without this they serve little purpose to the mythos. This is a paradox. (The "servants of Unicron" and Dreamwave attempts at reconcilliation don't work to well either IMO)

5] If the G1-influenced movie is considered part of a separate continuity family, then so should the IDW stuff. It's certainly more discontinuous from the original cartoon or comic than any other intermediate incarnation of G1. Plus it doesn't even claim to be G1.

6] Time paradoxes are great, but the Covenant of Primus gives me a headache. And the idea that BW Megatron isn't named after G1 Megatron but prophetically vice versa after all is weak sauce, sorry.

7] Internecine conflict within the Decepticon ranks is a must, so big-ups to the Marvel comic for having a fequent changeover of leaders. However, thumbs down for constantly making Megs everyone's beyotch. And pathetically paranoid.

8] People who try to argue that Galvatron is an entirely separate psychological entity from Megatron are grossly delusional. Altered personality; yes (to a degree). Different "person"; no.

9] I really dislike any suggestion in Fictions which suggests that the Decepticons and Autobots are different "races" or "species" of Cybertronian, and I especially dislike Furman's assertion in Alignment (thankfully as-yet not revisited and, strictly speaking, non-canon anyway) that the Decepticons are all descended from the Leige Maximo and thus "born bad". Either of these notions is unpalatably deterministic and injects suggestions of a race war, rather than a civil war in which individuals took sides for personal, philosophical or political reasons. It also doesn't gel very well with the notion that the Decepticons were a movement founded by Megs, nor the fact that some of the G1 characters reference their civilian lives before the war and their subsequent reasons for joining either side.

10] Rattrap is a shining golden god.

P.P.S. PacifistPrime's Big Heinous Theory (which, naturally, someone else may have also thought of too, but I've personally never heard it expressed anywere else).

Although I recognise it as totally unsupported by any ficti- ...well, okay, anything; I have a particular theory which I like to quietly include in my own personal canon, even though I wouldn't dream of trying to force anyone else into adopting my view. Essentially, although Optimus Primal and BW Megatron are not the same "people" as Optimus Prime and G1 Megatron, I like to think that are, in fact, the unknowing reincarnations of their G1 Ancestors. Following the argument that all sparks that ever were or ever will be come from the Allspark/Creation Matrix, experience a life outside it and then return, there is nothing to suggest that each spark only gets one trip. However it is generally accepted that upon returning to the Matrix the spark's accumulated life experience gets disseminated amongst all other sparks and thus the individual spark "loses its memory" before it comes back out for its next life.

However, as a spark is essentially a soul, and thus although a new life's experiences will generate a different personality to some extent, the core "nature" of that spark would remain the same (nature vs. nuture, I know, I know). So, since there is no indication that either the G1 Prime or Megs are still alive (or likely to be resurrected yet again) by the time of the Beast Era, it is perfectly plausible that their sparks could have been brought back as part of the "natural" cycle, ignorant of their pasts but possibly sub-sub-subconsciously influencing each character's affinities for their respective "ancestors" that manifests in having similar apperances and choosing the same names, not realising that they were, in fact, their own former selves in a new life. Kind of like getting reincarnated as your own great-great-grandson.

This view is entirely compatible with the Fiction, as its unknown/unconscious nature doesn't actually affect the characters, but merely adds what I feel is a richer level of mythic subtext, the idea that Prime/al and Megs are destined to keep battling across eternity (and the multiverse, but that's another issue), not just through reformattings and resurrections, but even through reincarnation.

It's, like, deep, and stuff.

This also provides another interpretation of Primal and Grapeface's "mutations" into their Transfmetal 2 bodies. Rather than simply the result of holding any two sparks in one body (or, as some have suggested, a particularly "powerful" second spark), which seems arguably unlikely given that the proceedure seemed capable of being done at the drop of a hat and yet the results were so unpredicted, it could be considered instead that the power-up mutation is the result of having two temporally-displaced copies of the same spark cohabiting a body. Sci-Fi is full of vague notions that time travellers can't/shouldn't interact with their past selves or weird bad shit will happen. What if something similar were the case here, and by unknowingly taking their own sparks from an earlier point in history into their bodies, the conflicting yet identical energy resonances (insert technobabble of choice here) of two "temporally cloned" copies of a single spark could have, in effect, created a kind of internal time-storm thingy, the powerful energies of which mutated their superstructures? ...Yeah, well, it works for me!

P.P.P.S. In the unlikely event that anyone's interested in knowing... I'm a completist (of sorts) collector of Primes/Convoys and Megatron/Galvatron. I have a complete collection of every different transforming toy (i.e. each different moulding or retool) from Hasbro or Takara's main product lines. I don't buy every possible redeco, although I do try to get ones that have a basis in Fiction, e.g. Powerlinx (Armada) Optimus, Galvatron G (Galaxy Force). I've also collected "Prime-like" and "Megs-Like" characters like Ginrai, Optimus Minor, Lio Junior, Scourge/Nemesis Prime (but not all Black repaints automaticaly), BWII Galvatron, Magmatron.

I don't distinguish between original releases and official reissues, mostly because I'm not rich enough to have that luxury. However, Powermaster Prime is the only example where I don't have the original anyway.

Although they don't strictly fit into my "must-have" definition, I've started to include transforming toys of Prime & Megs that aren't in "proper" lines, like McDonald's and Choro-Q figs, as well as non-transforming toys from the main-lines like the Action Masters and BW playset micro-figs. In a decidedly non-completist sideline, I also collect non-transforming "merchandise" Primes and Megses like Mega SCF, Revoltech, Kabaya etc.

I also tend to buy most versions of Starscream (and the Seekers), Hot Rod/Shot/Rodimus (I view Hot Shot as basically 70% Hot Rod[, 30% Bumblebee), Soundwave and Grimlock.

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