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[[Overlord (Masterforce)|Overlord]]
[[Overlord (Masterforce)|Overlord]]
[[Deathsaurus (G1)|Deathsaurus]]
[[Soundwave (G1) | Soundwave]]
[[Soundwave (G1) | Soundwave]]

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Brief intro

An average,easy going guy.

Favourite characters

  • Generation 1

Optimus Prime Skids Beachcomber Countdown Bluestreak Overlord Deathsaurus Liokaiser Soundwave Megatron Sixshot

  • Beast Wars

Optimus Primal Tigerhawk Depth Charge Dinobot Dinobot II Tarantulas Shadow Panther Spittor Bantor Lio Convoy Big Convoy Lio Junior Magmatron

  • Beast Machines


  • RID

Optimus Prime Prowl Megatron Scourge

  • Unicron Trilogy

Vector Prime Menasor

  • Movie


  • Animated

Blurr Longarm Prime Sentinel Prime Wasp

Worst characters

Silverbolt:His Universe 2.0 ultra class toy transformation is crap.It's good enough to pull down the whole character

There you go folks!

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