Oboro Maru is a Ninja.
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Oboro - 1. Tigers - 0.

I picked this name cause Oboro is so awesome. He's from Live A Live, an awesome RPG made by Squaresoft in 1994. His scenario's main difference that set it apart from the others is that most battles are optional.

Stuff about the namesake I can put because this is my page

Oboro was a ninja in fuedal Japan in roughly the 1800s who was assigned the mission of rescuing a prisoner from Lord Ode Iou's prison. You can choose to attack Ode Iou with or without the prisoner in your party, or you can simply abandon your objective and fight your clan and become an outcast. You can also try to not kill any humans, or you can kill all 100 of them.

About Circle


Obviosly, all robots have green hair.

Maru is Oboro's codename in his ninja clan. He (I presume) was researched by Gennai Trap, one of Ode Iou's weird men, and he had a robot clone made of Oboro. He can join your party if you encounter him and defeat him. Oboro calls him "Circle". Eventually, he must leave your party, as he is quite disaster prone.

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