Hi, I actually just got into Transformers a few months ago, after seeing the new movie. I know, that must seem horrible to you old timers here. Anyway, Teletran 1 is a great source of information for my fanfiction, and I would like to contribute where I can.

This pic is of my fan character, Nightshade. You can read about her on my fanfiction.net page, if you like. (nothing like a little shameless self-advertising!). Any comments or reviews from those of you nice enough to read it can go either on ff.net itself through their review option, or you can post on my Talk page. Thanks for reading! http://www.fanfiction.net/u/29179/Violet_Light

Synopsis: Vapour Trails

I know I'm acting just like this for posting this, but here's the synospsis for chapter 1 of my Transformers story, Vapour Trails, which I wrote for my Writing Club. Hopefully this might help to peek interest. Please note that my story is fan fiction, NOT canon. Yes, unlike some fanartists, I know the difference.

By the way, writing the names of featured characters in all caps is the official way of introducing them in professional synospsies (according to my writer's club). Also, I wrote this synospsis for my group members, some of which knew absolutely nothing about Transformers, as shocking as that may be, so some details may be dead obvious. Anyway, I still think it gives a good account of the first chapter and will hopefully lead to more readership, so here it is:

Synopsis of Chapter 1: Famous Last Words

Immediately following the events of TRANSFORMERS (2007 film), STARSCREAM, the assumed new leader of the DECEPTICONS leaves Earth and returns to the Decepticon base on Mars. There, he rendezvous with NIGHTSHADE, a female Decepticon officer, and her symbiotic partner, WASPINATOR. After a brief argument and physical confrontation over what has happened on Earth, namely the death of the Decepticon leader MEGATRON, Nightshade’s former mate, Starscream attempts to seduce Nightshade. His reasoning is that with the life-giving artifact the ALLSPARK destroyed on Earth, it is now her duty to continue their species in another way. Nightshade realizes that the only reason Starscream would even attempt this was if Megatron really was dead. She demands that he tell her everything that happened.

After listening to Starscream’s account of the events on Earth, Nightshade and Starscream discuss the new political situation of the Decepticons. Not all Decepticons will automatically accept Starscream’s presumption of leadership, especially SHOCKWAVE, a Decepticon scientist based on the Transformers’ home planet of CYBERTRON. Nightshade advises Starscream to return to Cybertron and build his own army to combat Shockwave’s followers, suggesting her former teacher, SOUNDWAVE, as an ally. Through her manipulative use of language and her sexuality, Nightshade establishes herself as Starscream’s confidant.

Cybertron is an unknown number of light years away from the Sol System. Luckily for Starscream, Shockwave had built a SPACEBRIDGE, a wormhole-like gateway through space, connecting Mars to Cybertron. After testing the device on Waspinator, Starscream uses it to return to Cybertron to begin his own campaign for leadership. Before he leaves, he kisses Nightshade and promises that he will be back.

Nightshade, however, has her own agenda, hinted at through her memory of Megatron. She transforms into a F-117 Stealth Fighter, and she and Waspinator head towards Earth.


UserNightshade83 Jazzrepaint Grunge.jpg

This is my first attempt at repainting a toy. Grunge is a character that will be showing up later on in "Vapour Trails", an "evil" version of Jazz.

He's my entry in TFCon's 3-D art contest. I hope there's a rookie category or something, because I know I'm going to be blown away. Not too bad for a first try though, wouldn't you say? --Nightshade83 22:32, 11 June 2008 (UTC)

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