Might Gaine is a transformers fan who has made some small contributions to the fan community. Formerly known as on ATT. He is not the same person as the Twin Twist that posts on TFW and he is not the same person as the Might Gaine that posts at 4chan. He is often confused with both, unfortunately. Main interests currently are Lucky Draw Brave toys, prototypes, AFA-graded Transformers.


  • Formerly a moderator on the Allspark
  • Currently part of the news and content staff on the Allspark
  • Helped revive TF Pulp and currently in charge of the formatting and photoshop work of TF Pulp articles
  • Debunked the theory that 1990's Chinese releases (the ones that often have the Chinese sticker in the corner) are knockoffs--in fact, they're real Hasbro releases.
  • Discovered that ToyCo released Shockwave in Korea themselves in normal US package with a big "ToyCo" sticker in the corner
  • Fansubbed 20-something episodes of Might Gaine and contributed help to several other Brave Series subbing projects
  • After the initial design patent pictures were posted of Classics Astrotrain on TF News sites, he figured out himself how to obtain similar design patent images from the Japanese design patent database, and wrote a guide showing how to do so. This led to the discovery of the best photographs we have of the Beast Wars Neo Unicron hardcopy. It also allowed us a sneakpeak at several upcoming Classics and movie figures. Unfortunately, Hasbro and Takara took notice and they now wait a long time before submitted their design patents, such that the photos are usually of the finished product and they're only made available long after the toy is released.
  • Sold the only known oversized Valdigus knockoffs at a reasonable price on Ebay.
  • Imported Korean Brave Maximuses and sold them at cost for $90 when they came out.
  • Graded what appears to be the highest graded AFA Mirage -- a Prerub with overall 90 and subgrades of all 90s.
  • Was the one who found the Recon Minicon Team's Cyberkey code on Hasbro's website

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