The Transformer first battle take place at Cybertron, the Autobot are peaceful and friendly Transformers, the only reason the battle started is Megatron, leader of the Decepticon. The leader of the Autobot is Optimus Prime he also carry the Matrix of Leadership he is the Autobots only hope.

Generation One

Sentinel Prime have died by Megatron, the Autobots fight back at the Decepticons, Kup, Grimlock and the other on the mission but Overhaul die from the attack. Bumblebee and Trailbreaker put the other Autobots to safety, but Thundercracker and Skywarp attack from above.

Kup, Grimlock, Bumblebee, and the other got attack by three Decepticon assassin. But they got save by Optimus Prime by killing the Decepticon assassin.

                                                The War Within issue 1

Optimus Prime keep going, but Megatron sent Soundwave and three Insecticon. But Jazz, Bumblebee, Skids and the others got ambush by Shockwave and an army of Decepticon.

                                         The War Within issue 2
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