Jim Cappuccino is also my YouTube account username. Like about 100 bazzillion others, I became interested in TFormers after the movie rolled around. (Specifically, when I first saw the awesomely cool teaser). Therefore, my main area of interest on here is... The Movie.

How I Feel About The Other Contiuities

  • G1: Well, seeing as it created the Transformers and several movie characters, I'm not about to go dissing it. However, I will observe that some Transformers (Like Arcee, for example) looked like oddly colored humans. This may be why Gee-wunners hate the 2007 movie's attmpt to make them look like actual robots.
  • Beast Wars, and Beast Machines: OK, it introduced CG to the TFormers. It had new characters, and a new, creative concept. With that aside: It sucks. About that CG? It is superbly unrealistic. And the theme song was so dumb.
  • Robots In Disguise: This show introduced Anime TFormers, more crappy animation, and a dumb theme song, and what was anyone supposed to like about it again? It was filler, for crying out loud.
  • Pokeformers: What, what Pokeformers? I didn't see any, did you? (Translation: This show never happened. Don't say anything else about it.)

Animated: Well, seeing as it's non-anime, and it has all the classic G1 (And some movie) characters, I say it may not be quite as bad as everyone seems to think.

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