aka Gordon Brown

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Toa Nuva of Fire, Amateur Paleontologist, Amateur Historian, Amateur Zoologist, Avenger, Huntik Seeker, Superhero.
  • I am Male
1360908946 predaking


I'm Went. My transformers universe i.d. is Predalaird or Predalord, a Predacon allied with the Autobots, and my Beast Mode is the same as Transformers Prime Predaking. I do not have the very long shoulder spikes that Predaking does in Robot Mode and my thumbs would be the same color as my fingers (but the finger color would suffice if shoulder spikes were a must).

My team consists of Grimwing (possibly), Stormwing, a female silver Predacon of the same body type as Skylynx, Thunderclaw, a male blue and gold Predacon of the same body type as Grimwing and Darksteele, Ripper a blue female Predacon of the same body type as Ripclaw, and Doublestrike a green and yellow male Predacon of the same body type as Hungurr and Twinstrike.

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