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[[Image:MaximumDinobots.jpg|right|thumb|300px|Don't feed other peoples pets]]
All I want is a bigger piece of pie
All I want is a bigger piece of pie
Yup, I'm one of those. Got two, figured I'd spread em round. Pics done by http://jazylh.deviantart.com/
=== ===
Name: Daggerjaw
Primary function: Autobot tracker and stealth fighter
Alt mode: Smilodon(saber tooth)
1x Double bladed Axe(made of basic cybertronian metal, however the molecules have become so concentrated it has become almost indestructible. Now, arguabley the most powerful hand to hand weapon in Cybertronian history)
Concusion Gun. 12 shots, operates on a recharge system.
All I want is a past, so that I might realize my future
Known History:
Daggerjaw first appeared in Cyberton City(formerly Autobot City), four months prior to the collapse of the peace. He had arrived in poor condition, low on energon and badly damaged. He was first sighted approaching the gate of the city in beast mode. The guards went to question him. At their approach, he transformed to robot mode, opened his mouth to speak to them and collpased. He was brought into the city where a technician named Backstop spent the next week repairing him. During the week, an attempt was made to find out who he was, his physical form scanned into the computer. His schematic came up, along with a file named ''Project Daggerjaw''. The file identified him as Daggerjaw, an autobot soldier who had been stationed on earth for the last 30 years before the truce. However there was no more information. No record of missions he went on, no character evaluation, nothing. An attempt was made to find anyone, either autobot or decepticon, who had known him. However none could be found, anywhere. It was decided to ask him when he was repaired. After a week of being worked on by Backstop, Daggerjaw was reactivated. The first thing he said was ''who am I''. Backstop informed everyone that his memory engrams had been fractured so badly, that he was unable to remember anythingfrom before his arrival in the city. Backstop sugested his memory had been altered, but was unsure wether it had been by accident or design. Daggerjaw was confined to the medical bay were he was observed by Backstop. Daggerjaw was very quiet and withdrawn at first, however after a few weeks around the energetic and cheerful Backstop, his own personality was revealed. He was a slightly broody individual, with a rather melancholy exterior. However he possesed a rather strong, and at times cutting, sense of humour. He proved to be friendly, although only someone who took the time to know him ever really got to see the real him. After his first month in the city, he was allowed his freedom, and thanks to his new friend Backstop, more fully came out of his shell, becoming a rather open individual, although there was still alot he kept back from most. In combat training, he showed rather average shooting skills, however he proved a rather talented close combat fighter, pompting Backstop to build him his Energon Axe. However, once he trained in beast mode, he was shown to be a savage fighter, not fast, but possesing a great deal of strength. After 3 and a half months on earth, there was still no evidence of his life before his appearance. Backstop, who had made a promise to help him in anyway he could, managed to convince his superiors to allow them to travel to Cybertron and make an attempt to find out his history. They arrived during the 10th anniversary celebrations of the truce. Daggerjaw was hopeful, in the celebratory spirit which surrounded the planet. Sadly, it was not to be. When the truce was shattered, Daggerjaw and Backstop were caught up in it all. Not long after the attack on Iacon, they was found by Svaat and a reconassance team. The two rather banged up bots were brought back to he temporary autobot base Daggerjaw would spend the next few days recovering, and becoming accustomed to the bots he was now lodging with. *Present Day*Daggerjaw is at the autobots temporary base of operations, hoping for a chance to help the cybertronians who had rescued him, first on earth, and now on cybertron.
Profile: Daggerjaw is a slightly melancholy individual. At least thats the impression he gives. He is actually rather humourous in a rather quiet way. Daggerjaw is a close combat specialist, who now wants to help those who saved his life. Since Daggerjaw has no memory of the 10 year peace, he felt rather unnerved by the entire situation. He is a combat bot, with no memory of any of the events in his life, but his CPU hasn't had time to adjust to the peace. In a way, he feels more comfortable in the current situation.
While he may come across as fairly sure of himself at times, beneath it all, he is a rather confused and sad bot, who is searching for some semblance of his past. It has caused him to seem rather aloof and cold to strangers. This means he often wanders off in search of soitude, Backstop the only one who seems to get through. He is rather thankful for the bestial instincts he posses, because they allow him to withdraw behind him if it all gets too much for him. While Daggerjaw is a calm person, over the previous four months, there have been flashes of a fierce temper beneath the surface
Abilities: In beast mode he has extremely good hearing, which also allows him to recieve radio signals before most mechs. While he is a capable fighter in robot mode, it is his beast mode that makes the best weapon, being both powerful and durable. What he lacks in speed he makes up for with brute force. Recently he has uncovered a mysterious ability. Twice, when badly injured his body has somehow healed its self. How and why is unkown. However he has no control of when it happens, and it ma not happen under every situation he needs it to.
After returning to base for repairs, Daggerjaw accidently found a present Backstop had left him, in the form of an impressive weapon, the Concusion Gun. It works by firing a charge enrgy shot at an opponent. While the shot itself is fairly strong, it's strength is in the blast wave. Whether it hits or not, the blast explodes a certain distance after being fired. This releases a powerful shockwave strong enough to knock any mech from the air.
It operates through an automatic recharge system, however, once spent it can take a day or more to recharge. Also, due to the fact the the blast will only go a certain distance before detonating it is more a mid range then long range weapon.
Weakness:He makes a scarifice in speed. His beast mode is a power form which cannot handle high speed or agility. His greatest weakness is the fact that he can often let his instincts takeover in a fight, which often causes him to become distracted from the more important tasks. He also has a problem following orders. If he's told to do it, he'll do it but he will porbably do it his way, not how he was told to. When his special bility takes affect he is temporarily weakened, often collapsing. IF the effect kicks in during a fight, it leaves him extremely vunerable. The fact he can't control it means that it may kick in when he is unprepared, or it may fail to work when he needs it the most
Name: Drakan
Primary function: Unspecified
Alt mode: Bipedal white dragon
"When I look into the abyss, it blinks"
Profile: Drakan was born after Ultimate Jazz attempted to use Daggerjaw in a plan to discredit the autobots. The reformatting was originally only supposed to be a mental affair, however the body warped as well, necessitating a new name.
Very Little is known about Drakan, other then he has a cocky personality, and seems to make others uncomfortable
Weapons and abilities:
Particle Cannons: Concealed in each fore arm is a powerful particle cannon. While powerful, they cannot be fired in rapid succession because they will over heat, meaning that they are limited to single shots only. When in alt mode, both cannons position themselves in his neck, allowing him to fire a blast twice as powerful as a standard single attack.
Claws: His preferred weapon, Drakan's claws are composed entirely of raw energon. As such they are capable of cutting through all known metals. Also, by bringing the claws together, he can create energon bursts. Although this care virtually impossible to direct they pack a lot of power.
Just advertising a very good podcast done by two british fellas. Had Matt Moylan on a few weeks back
Kenetics: Drakan can generate kenetic fields from his fists that allow him to lift objects without touching them. This is limited to objects within a relative distance of 6 feet, however, so in combat it is an ability that requires improvisation.
Armor: Due to his energon bursts ability, Drakan's armor is completely non-conductive, dispersing any form of energy, be it electrical or energon. However, there is a flaw, if the armor is pierced the energy will be sent to that spot and concentrated, effectively tripling the amount of damage it might cause
==Join The Anti-Unicron Movement==
Pain: Drakan seems to feel little or no pain. This can be an advantage but can also mask major damage.
Just announcing my strong anti-Unicron sentiment. I don't want him to show up in either the movieverse, animated or IDW...I somehow doubt a multidimensional linking being which provides an actual connection between Movieverse and any of the G1 universes will be a good thing.
http://jazylh.deviantart.com/art/Transformer-Avatars-81255851(Middle right)

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Don't feed other peoples pets

All I want is a bigger piece of pie


Just advertising a very good podcast done by two british fellas. Had Matt Moylan on a few weeks back


Join The Anti-Unicron Movement

Just announcing my strong anti-Unicron sentiment. I don't want him to show up in either the movieverse, animated or IDW...I somehow doubt a multidimensional linking being which provides an actual connection between Movieverse and any of the G1 universes will be a good thing.

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