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==Shockwave did it!==
'''Shockwave did it!''' is a phrase coined by [[fandom|fans]] in response to a common phenomenon depicted in the [[Dreamwave]] [[Transformer|Transformers]] comics - the dramatic reveal that the [[Shockwave#Dreamwave_comics_continuity|one-eyed purple Decepticon]] was behind everything. Ever. Due in part to being the first Transformer to wake up after the [[Great Shutdown]], Shockwave turned out to be wholly or partially responsible for almost everything that happened in DWG1, even things that were apparently beyond his control.
===Things Dreamwave Shockwave did===
*Led the attack on [[Iacon]]
*Led the [[Decepticon|Decepticons]] in [[Megatron (G1)|Megatron]]'s absence
*Experimented on [[Blitzwing (G1)|Blitzwing]]
*Built [[Trypticon]]
*Colluded with [[Jetfire (G1)|Jetfire]]
*Defeated the [[Chaos Trinity]] and the [[Fallen]]
*Sealed the [[Well of All Sparks]]
*Coined the phrase "[['Til all are one|until all are one]]"
*Signed peace accords with [[Ultra Magnus (G1)|Ultra Magnus]] at [[Tyger Pax]]
*Studied [[Aerospace Extermination Squadron|clones]]
*Created the [[Micromaster|Micromasters]]
*Founded [[Little Iacon]]
*Studied Blitzwing's mutations
*Let the [[Race Track Patrol]] go in the hope that they would lead him to [[Countdown]]
*Spied on the [[Hot Rod Patrol]] in the hope that they would lead him to Countdown
*Formed a close working relationship with Blitzwing
*Had his [[Anatomic euphemism|skidplate]] handed to him by [[Skystalker]]
*Shut down
*Was reactivated by [[Scourge (G1)|Scourge]]
*Shot Scourge in the back
*Dissected Scourge
*Reactivated [[Cybertron]]
*Ended the [[Great War]], uniting the [[Autobot|Autobots]] and Decepticons
*Solved Cybertron's energy problems through the use of energy transfer modules
*Built a citadel
*Built a lab
*Reconfigured the Cybertronian Transformers to have Earth-based [[Alternate mode|altmodes]]
*Built the [[Duocon|Duocons]]
*Built the [[Clone (subgroup)|clones]]
*Built the [[Triple Changer|Triple Changers]]
*Captured [[Alpha Trion]]
*Studied [[Vector Sigma]]
*Discovered the significance of [[Earth]]
*Sent the [[Insecticon (G1)|Insecticons]] to Earth
*Installed really neat CCTV cameras that looked like him
*Built clones of [[Perceptor (G1)|Perceptor]], [[Starscream (G1)|Starscream]], [[Jazz (G1)|Jazz]] and others
*Established a council of [[Autobot Cars|Autobot cars released in 1985]]
*Subliminally influenced the population of Cybertron to become more violent
*Arranged for [[Robert Hallo]] to destroy the ''[[Ark II]]''
*Used the energy transfer modules to transfer more power to himself
*Influenced the Earthbound Transformers to go to Alaska
*Shot Scourge in the back again
*Handed Megatron his skidplate on a plate
*Captured Megatron and the ''[[Nemesis (G1)|Nemesis]]'' crew
*Brainwashed the ''Nemesis'' crew
*Broadcast anti-[[Optimus Prime (G1)|Optimus]] propaganda
*Reactivated the [[Stunticon|Stunticons]]
*Reopened the [[Smelting pool|smelting pools]]
*Tussled with [[Grimlock (G1)|Grimlock]]
*Reactivated the [[Guardian robot|guardian robots]]
*Shot Ultra Magnus in the back
*Defeated Optimus Prime and ripped the [[Matrix]] from his chest
*Influenced Starscream to gather the [[Combaticon|Combaticons]] and head to Earth
*Activated Vector Sigma
*Blew Ultra Magnus's arm off
*Fell down a hole
*Re-established control over the Cybertronian Decepticons from a hidden base
*Coordinated the Insecticons' activities on Earth
*Built [[Sixshot]]
*Had his skidplate firmly handed back to him by Megatron
===Things other Shockwaves did===
====[[Marvel Comics|Marvel]] Shockwave====
*Fought [[Dinosaur|dinosaurs]]
*Fought [[Dinobot (G1)|Dinobots]]
*Crushed an [[Ark (G1)|Ark]] probe
*Defeated all the Autobots except [[Ratchet (G1)|Ratchet]]
*Took Optimus Prime's head
*Captured [[G.B. Blackrock]]'s oil drilling platform
*Crippled [[Circuit Breaker|Josie Beller]]
*Handed Megatron his anatomic euphemism
*Built the [[Constructicon (G1)|Constructicons]]
*Built Jetfire
*Scuffled with Megatron
*Scuffled with [[Buster Witwicky]] in a robot suit
*Ceded leadership to Megatron
*Visited [[limbo]]
*Arranged for the [[Predacon (G1)|Predacons]] to assassinate Megatron (twice)
*Set the [[Seacon|Seacons]] on [[Galvatron (G1)|Galvatron]]
*Fought [[Fortress Maximus (G1)|Fortress Maximus]] in space
*Fell to Earth
*Brainwashed [[Straxus|Megatron]]
*Went mad
*Sealed a time rift
*Went to [[Blackpool]]
*Squashed a tramp
*Declared [[Decepticon Civil War|civil war]] on [[Scorponok (G1)|Scorponok]]
*Teleported to Cybertron
*Repaired and stole the ''Ark''
*Had his skidplate handed to him by Megatron and Galvatron simultaneously
====[[Earthforce]] Shockwave====
*Declared civil war on Megatron
*Called an [[enclave]]
*Threw Megatron off a cliff
*Teamed up with Megatron
*Hired assassins to kill Starscream
====[[Generation 1 (cartoon)|Cartoon]] Shockwave====
*Built the [[Space Bridge]]
*Sent [[Cybertonium]] to Earth
====[[Transformers/G.I. Joe]] Shockwave====
*Was a big gun
*Fired sixteen times
====[[G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers II|G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers]] Shockwave====
*Assumed command of the Decepticons
*Conquered Cybertron
*Allowed humans to discover warp gate technology
*Shot Ratchet
*Had his skidplate handed to him by the Dinobots
====[[IDW Publishing|IDW]] Shockwave====
*Owned the Dynobots
*Devised and carried out [[Regenesis|Project Regenesis]]
*Fought the Dynobots on Earth
====[[Hearts of Steel]] Shockwave====
*Was a ship
*Talked to [[Tobias Muldoon]]
====[[Games of Deception|Timelines]] Shockwave====
*Was a head
====[[Alternators (toyline)|Binaltech]] Shockwave====
*Was a Mazda

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