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My custom modern day Spinister

Only 4 colours were used to create Energon Spinister, purple, light blue, black and my own cooler version of, er, pink

Springer is one of my all time favourite G1 characters, but it bothered me that there was never a prominent Decepticon helicopter equivalent to face him. After Springer, Blades was probably the next most famous helicopter in UK G1 continuity.

All that changed with the advent of TF UK #229. Here was Spinister, a Decepticon helicopter with a bit of bite. Second in command of the Mayhem Attack Squad, no less! Which meant that the powers that be (or Simon Furman) thought he would be good enough to take on Megatron and Galvatron combined, with a bit of help from his friends. The debut story, Hunting Party was also the debut of new TF artist Simon Coleby, who brought a fresh new style to the Transformer stories lying somewhere between the dynamicism of Geoff Senior and Lee Sullivan and the humanism of Jeff Anderson. Great!

The Energon (Super Link in Japan) toyline came out in 2004, with most characters being modern day representations of G1 characters. This trend has been continued recently with the TF Classics/Universe line. Springer got Energon-ised, even if the cartoon characterisation shared little in common with G1 Springer. Energon Bulkhead (Superlink Sprang) is the closest modern Transformer to resemble the Apache Helicopter, which was Spinister's alternate form. A bit of paint, and a bit of putty to the head, and hey presto! Modern day Energon Spinister was created!

What's more, the super-link extra combining weapons platform that came with Bulkhead, would also be a perfect homage to Spinister's Targetmaster origins (despite the fact Singe and Hairsplitter never appeared in G1 continuity).

And just how did Spinister (and Needlenose and Quake) become a Targetmaster? They were never part of Scorponok's original crew. That's a story (a very speculative fan-fiction story admittedly) for another time.

Other Images here: Helicopter, Targetmaster, Targetmaster Helicopter.

Spinister's "Death"

Spinister shot by Carnivac

This is the moment where Transformers fandom seems to believe that Spinister has been killed. Now, it is never explicitly said that he has died. But some assume that since he does not appear in later issues with the surviving Mayhems in custody (Bludgeon, Octopunch and Stranglehold) that he therefore has been killed. The weapon that he has been killed with is Carnivac's weapon, which surely cannot be as powerful as.....


Now, here we see Spinister being shot by Thunderwing. This Thunderwing is being powered by the Matrix itself. As this story shows Matrix-Thunderwing is more than capable of taking on the entire Ark, including Powermaster Optimus Prime. In fact, the Autobots decide that he can't really be defeated and they just end up exploding him towards deep space (he comes back eventually).

And yet, Spinister lives after this!!!! In fact he's able to walk. Walking wounded you might say? (I did upload an image to prove this but TPTB removed it!)

Thus, I have conclusively proved that Spinister lives. And, like, has anybody read the [IDW] stories? Everybody gets blasted through the chest all the time, and nobody seems to be claiming those characters are dead!

Continuity Error?

More to come soon....... (When I can be bothered to research the Earthforce stories in more detail!)

Still haven't done my research yet. But there is good discussion here and here. Drmick 12:22, 22 June 2008 (UTC)

Modern G1 Characters

Apparently they are not homages if they are the same character!