Deceptitran userpic

Deceptitran is a bot account owned by User:Derik.

One hopes it will be useful, especially since Monaco killed our poor, beloved DiagnosticDrone.?

Decaptitran is scratchbuilt, and awfully messy, and still in development. At the moment it can only perform linkfixes, not more comprehensive replacement like categories or in-page text.

Update:(Jul-28-08) Deceptitran can now fix {{storylink}} tags as well.

Update:(Aug-21-08) Deceptitran will now perform one queued replacement per hour every 15 minutes until it runs through all queued items. (Should be less annoying.) It will take just over a week to process the current backlog that way.

Update:(Sep-06-08) Deceptitran is now working on weekends. (He used to get weekends off.)

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