Hello, I am Count Mall (also spelled countmall, Countmall, etc.).

Deluxe Lockdown

Actually, my Lockdown figure does have a poncho.

About Me

I remember watching the transformers cartoon and TV as well as frequently renting the G1 movie. I reqularly watched the cartoons untill they introduced the 3-D energon style animation, which bugged me so I stopped watching. The 2007 movie has rekindled my love for the franchise and I regularly watch Animated.

Countmall's collection


Blades (Custom replacement rotor)

Devastator (KO)

Optimus Prime (Missing left arm, right hand, and trailer)

Ramjet (Original fuselage only, with kitbashed replacement parts)


Optimus Prime (Missing hands and trailer)

Beast Wars

Basic Scarem

Deluxe Triceradon

McDonalds toy Manta Ray

McDonalds toy Panther

McDonalds toy Rhino

Beast Machines

McDoanlds toy Blackarachnia

McDonalds toy Cheetor

McDonalds toy Optimus Primal

McDonalds toy Thrust

Robots in Disguise

Rail Racer


Spy Changer Daytonus

Spy Changer Scourge

Spy Changer W.A.R.S.

Spy Changer X-Brawn


Minicon Refute (Decepticon)

Requiem Blaster

Vorpal Saber


Scout Insecticon

Countmall's collection


Spy Changer Camshaft

Spy Changer Hoist

Spy Changer Mirage

Spy Changer Prowl


Scout Scattorshot

Scout Brakedown


Deluxe Astrotrain

Demolition Team


Deluxe Premium Barricade

Deluxe Dropkick

Deluxe Wreckage

Desert Attack Screen Battle

Legends Battle Jazz

Legends Bonecrusher

Legends Cliffjumper

Legends Desert Blackout

Legends Devastator/Brawl

Legends Ice Megatron

Legends Ironhide

Legends Jazz

Legends Nightwatch Optimus Prime

Legends Rescue Ratchet

Legends Recon Barricade

Legends Stealth Starscream


Deluxe Lockdown (With custom-made poncho)

Deluxe Oil Slick

Deluxe Ratchet

Deluxe Samurai Prowl

Deluxe Snarl

Voyageur Blitzwing

Voyageur Starscream

Universe 2008

Deluxe Tankor

Revenge of the Fallen

Deluxe Sideways

Scout Ransack

Scout Scalpel

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