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My LifE iS pAiN.

  • Hot Shot (Super-Con, 2002/2003)
Japanese ID number: MC-03
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Armada Hot Shot transforms into a modified yellow Audi TT. He is packaged with Mini-Con Jolt, who, when attached to the powerlinx port on Hot Shot's rear, deploys his rear axle over the back of his head and (in the same motion) fires a missile from his hubcap. Jolt's gun can either attach to Hot Shot's robot mode chest or unveil "driving claws" from Hot Shot's front bumper by attaching to Hot Shot's car mode hood as his engine. Hot Shot's visor can also flip over his face.
"Hot Rod," Takara's Micron Legend version of Hot Shot, was released in altered colors, with a more saturated yellow and some dark gray paint in places instead of navy blue. Additionally, more of the belt straps on his chest were painted silver, his pelvis was painted a darker red, and clearer paint on his Autobot symbol. A retool (or vice versa) of Hasbro's Hot Shot, his right arm houses a light-up LED (for accommodating the translucent Star Saber sword) that glows when his side-view mirror is pressed, a feature that was dropped from the American version due to price-point concerns.
  • Hot Rod w/ Jolt and Air Defense Microns (2002)
Japanese ID number: MS-01
Takara's Hot Rod was also released in a box set with the Air Defense Mini-Con Team.
  • Hot Shot (Happy Meal, 2002)

i eAt yOuR bAbIEs!!

  • Powerlinx Hot Shot (Super-Con, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MC-13
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A red, yellow, and black redeco and retool of the first Hot Shot, Powerlinx Hot Shot has a new head that has a more "serious" look, though his visor, sculpted directly into the new head, is no longer articulated. Intended to be an homage to Generation 1 Hot Rod, he has a yellow spoiler and flames on his hood. Due to a factory error, his forehead is painted gray instead of left red. The Japanese version, "Hot Rod Super Mode," fixed this forehead mistake, painted the shoulder symbol more clearly, and retained the LED light-up arm the first Japanese version featured.
Rumors circulated that a Hot Shot with fixed forehead paint and a cleaner symbol would surface later in the run, but this did not seem to happen, and no specimens with these fixes have ever materialized.
In November of 2003, US Toys "R" Us stores had special bonus pack Max-Con (Deluxe) toys, which came with a single bonus Mini-Con attached to the card over their sticker, for less than the price as a normal Max-Con during Toys "R" Us' post-Thanksgiving-day sale. Like Powerlinx Cyclonus, Powerlinx Hot Shot could come with one of the Adventure Mini-Con Team members: Dune Runner, Iceberg or Ransack.



Hot Shot, part deux

  • Hot Shot (Deluxe, 2004)
Japanese ID number: SC-02
7 8 10 8 8 9 7 9
In Energon, Hot Shot was updated as a modified yellow Aston-Martin Vanquish. He could carry a transparent red spring-loaded missile-launching weapon in either mode, and featured a small Autobot spark crystal on his chest on which Energon chips could be mounted. Like nearly all other Autobots in the Energon line, he could powerlinx with like-designed toys to form the top or bottom of a super robot.
Takara released Hot Shot in similar colors, changing the slate blue plastic to a dark, nearly-black blue, dropping the black paint on his car roof, and adding metallic blue paint to his chest. His head is also a nearly-identical-but-different sculpt, most noticeably around the mouth, chin, and eyes. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Hot Shot & Inferno (Multi-pack, 2003)
Japanese ID number: SS-01
In Japan, Takara released Hot Shot both individually and in a box set with Inferno.

He has a heart that burns for justice.

  • Energon Hot Shot (Deluxe, 2004)
Japanese ID number: SC-23
7 9 9 9 8 9 7 9
Energon Energon Hot Shot gave the car mode a silver-painted finish and the robot parts a dark blue, yellow, and red color scheme reminiscent of Armada Hot Shot's colors. Energon Hot Shot used the Hasbro version of Hot Shot's head (see above).
When he was released in Japan as "Hot Shot Fire," his car mode was changed to an unpainted silver, and additionally the yellow plastic was changed to a sherbet orange, the dark blue plastic to black, and the transparent orange plastic to a transparent crimson red. He also came packaged with the Energy Cutter, a transparent watermelon-red redeco of Signal Flare's energon weapon, plus a matching energon chip. Hot Shot Fire used the Takara version of Hot Shot's head.
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