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Panoptica Continuity Map

I have this problem in which I need to stratify and codify stuff and make lists and charts and diagrams. It's a sickness.

This map is designed, first and foremost, for me to keep track of the various continuities. I'm sharing it because I haven't seen anything close to this in the fandom.

How to read this map

  • Red squares represent the large umbrella continuities, and (with the Cyb/GF exception) their Japanese counterparts.
  • Yellow squares, bold outlines represent significant sublines.
  • Yellow squares, thin outlines represent continuities as they are generally understood (e.g., US G1 cartoon, IDW Beast Wars, etc.). Each divergence in a storyline is represented by a yellow box. Tech specs, when not included as their own "continuity" are considered to be within the larger umbrella continuity (e.g., Machine Wars).
  • Gray boxes of all varieties represent continuities of some stripe that were announced but never launched.
  • Solid lines between continuities represent actual connections. For example, the Marvel (US) G2 comic was influenced by three other continuities: The G1 Marvel comic in the US, the G1 Marvel comic in the UK (the exclusive stories), and the characters introduced by Hasbro in the G2 line. Each solid line represents at least one story element that draws a connection between the two continuities.
  • Dashed lines between continuities represent hypothetical connections. For instance, there is no explicit connection between any G1 continuity and RiD. However, there are a few references (chiefly to Vector Sigma) that lead one, perhaps errantly, to expect there to ultimately be some connection between the two.

Problems to be fixed

There are a lot of them.

  • SWTF needs a home somewhere (with no connections).
  • Others to come...
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