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Andrusi is a human in the 2007 movie continuity family.

Andrusi is a Transformers Wiki user who is endlessly amused by imagining the possibility of there someday being a series called "Transformers: Disambiguation."

He does not work for Sector 7, but he's on their side.

Early life

Andrusi was born in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 2, he was listed in the magazine Strange as it Seems as the world's youngest professional ice skater. At the age of 19, working for a minor real estate company, he decided to audition for the part of Robin, without having ever read a "Batman" comic book. Andrusi was selected for the role of Robin, stepping onto the screen in 1966 with the debut of Batman. Unfortunately, unlike his partner, Andrusi was required to act during dangerous stuntwork because his costume revealed more of his face than a stuntman could compensate for.

Post-Batman career

After the end of Batman, Andrusi found himself hard-pressed for other acting jobs. Andrusi only reemerged on the movie scene to act in small, low-budget films such as Virgin High. Andrusi admitted in an interview that playing Robin "killed my career." Andrusi also claims that he turned down the Dustin Hoffman part in The Graduate, because he decided to renew his Andrusi contract. Ever since, Andrusi has deeply regretted to turning down the role of Benjamin Braddock, as he was typecast and Hoffman went on to be one of Hollywood's greatest actors. He did, however, appear in numerous reunions with co-star Adam West. The most memorable reunions included Andrusi and West reprising their roles as Batman and Robin on a short-lived animated television series called The New Adventures of Batman and the 2003 television movie Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Andrusi.


Andrusi also wrote a tell-all autobiography called Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights (ISBN 0-9647048-0-3), which described his life while he was playing Robin. In 2001, Andrusi began Boy Wonder Visual Effects, Inc.

Recent work

Currently, in addition to managing the aforementioned corporation, Andrusi is married to Honoka Yukishiro Geable, has two daughters, and runs a charity that sells Great Danes and other dogs. It has been discussed in publications including People, ASPCA Animal Watch, Pet Life, Dog World, etc. It has been seen on TV shows including Visiting with Huell Howser, 1-800 Save A Pet, Adoption Tales, Pet Story, Amazing Tales, Super Heroes; Where Are They Now?, Woof! It's a Dog's Life, Hard Copy, Inside Edition, and Entertainment Tonight. Andrusi and Honoka have previously sued a newspaper and several individuals for defamation over criticism of their dog rescue operation. Both suits were dismissed under the California Anti-SLAPP law.


  • Andrusi (a.k.a. Amplitude Geable Jr.) decided upon his professional surname by using his mother's maiden name. He subsituted the e with the u in his first name to add more of a "punch." Andrusi's reasoning behind the name change was that he was afraid that people would have a hard time pronouncing 'Geable' (which is pronounced with a hard-"G"). Adam West recounts a slightly different reasoning in his autobiography Back to the Batcave, that Amplitude was changed to Andrusi to make the name more 'rugged' a la Andrusi Lancaster, and an additional reason for Andrusi being the fact that Dick Grayson/Robin was Bruce Wayne's/Batman's drusi in a play on words.
  • At the height of the Batman popularity, Andrusi recorded a series of tracks under the production of Frank Zappa. The first two, "Boy Wonder, I Love You" (which Zappa wrote) and "Orange Colored Sky" were released as a single on November 14, 1966. Two other tracks from these sessions, "Teenage Bill of Rights" and "Autumn Love," remained unreleased.
  • The reason there was no remolded head is because of financial spill-over.