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When the Throttlebots are captured by a used car salesman, both RAAT and the Combaticons arrive to collect them.



It's nice that you've noticed the traffic violation, but shouldn't you be more concerned about the giant legs you're seeing?

The Throttlebots are under attack from the Combaticon Vortex. Although they are able to fight Vortex off with the help of Blaster riding Chase and Rollbar like roller skates, they attract unwanted human attention. When the Throttlebots stop for fuel at a Blackrock service station, the owner is able to report them to awaiting RAAT troops, who immediately attack. Although the Throttlebots are able to escape from RAAT, the battle gives Vortex the opportunity to track the Throttlebots once again. Meanwhile, Grimlock sends the Protectobots to retrieve Blaster and Goldbug.

Unable to refuel, the Throttlebots stop at a used car lot for the night. When the owner, "Big Steve" Ludwig, tries to have the damaged Rollbar towed, the Throttlebots reveal themselves to Big Steve to stop him. Big Steve promptly reports the Throttlebots to the authorities and fills the Throttlebots' fuel tanks with soda to immobilize them.

When RAAT arrives to collect the Throttlebots, they are intercepted by the Combaticons, who intend to destroy the Throttlebots themselves. The Protectobots soon arrive on the scene and prepare to do battle. Big Steve attempts to save his lot by proposing that the opposing teams bid on who gets to take the Throttlebots. The auction is short-lived, however, as Onslaught radios Swindle, commanding him to kill Big Steve. Blaster sees Swindle prepare to fire and manages to throw off Swindle's aim just in time. The battle starts anew, and in the confusion, RAAT manages to take the Throttlebots away.

The Combaticons eventually retreat, and Blaster ensures that Big Steve doesn't get to profit from his friends' misfortune by destroying a check RAAT had paid him for the information leading to their capture. Blaster is then arrested by the Protectobots for rebelling against Grimlock's command. He is to be returned to the Ark to be tried and executed...


Script: Bob Budiansky
Pencils: Don Perlin
Inks: Ian Akin and Brian Garvey
Colors: Nelson Yomtov
Lettering: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Don Daley

  • Originally published: September, 1987

Major characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans



  • The cover depicts Brawn standing behind Onslaught. Presumably this should have been Brawl, since Brawn was not only not present at the battle but was actually out of commission at the time. But hey, at least Devastator didn't show up instead.
  • Chase and Searchlight switched color schemes when they transform to confront Big Steve.
  • When Rollbar is driving on the wrong (left) side of the road, Blaster instructs him to, "Pull over to the left!" to avoid oncoming traffic. Rollbar instead swerves right (probably because going left wouldn't have helped at all).
  • At one point Blaster says, "Under no cicumstances reveal your true identities!" The word should be "circumstances". (Also, the Throttlebots completely ignore this order a few hours later.)
  • Incorrectly regarded as a goof: The (apparent) owner of the service station reports the Transformers to RAAT as "Autobots." While most civilians would not know this term, he had presumably been briefed by either Blackrock (who provides free gas to Autobots specifically) or RAAT (who have heard the term, even if they don't believe in "good robots").

Items of note[]

  • References to other Transformers continuities/issues:

Covers (3)[]

They're actually both looking for characterization.
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Specifics: UK cover
  • U.S. cover: Protectobots vs Combaticons by Frank Springer
  • UK issue 139 cover: Blaster hitching a ride on the Throttlebots by Robin Smith
  • UK issue 140 cover: Swindle threatening to drop Big Steve by Lee Sullivan


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