The Urbana 500 is the latest in muscle cars and is Bumblebee's alternate mode in Transformers: Prime. Along with the exposed engine block and mandatory racing stripes, there's too much to love.
"It won't just rock your world. It will transform it."
―TV Commercial

Transformers: Prime

"Speed Metal"

An unidentified street racer was seen using a blue-and-red Urbana 500 as his vehicle of choice.

"Operation: Bumblebee, Part 1"

After Bumblebee had his T-cog extracted, Miko and Raf attempted to cheer Bumblebee by watching television. Unfortunately, a commercial for the Urbana 500 was playing just as the TV was switched off from a racing game, making Bumblebee sadder.

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Urbana 500 logo


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