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When Dreamwave Productions declared bankruptcy in 2005, several of their series were left hanging without any strong sense of closure. However, various sources have revealed small portions of what might have been, including solicitations sent to retailers before the bankruptcy.


Despite issue #30 completing its current storyline, Energon still had many unresolved plot points. Hasbro copywriter Forest Lee has suggested that the Cybertron cartoon can be considered a follow-up, though it does require some stretching.

Issue 31[]

"REVELATIONS! Just who is (or rather, was) Alpha Quintesson, and what are his true plans for Cybertron, Earth… and Unicron? While seeming to serve the chaos-bringer, the multi-faceted alien has been developing a world-shattering agenda of his own, one that bridges worlds and dimensions. Now, at last, Alpha Quintesson begins his ‘endgame,’ and first in his sights is the Mini-Con Over-Run!"

Issue 32[]

"Demolished! The next — and final — Energon story arc gets underway in earnest! It’s the beginning of the end as Alpha Quintesson and Councillor Avalon's quest for the mysterious Conduit centers once more on the Autobots' human ally, Kicker. The all-new, upgraded Demolisher is on the case, and he’ll stop at nothing — literally — to get the job done. Get ready for Armageddon!"

Issue 33[]

"INFERNO! What happens when four living Energon powerhouses tackle a being of pure Energon? It’s the fighting-mad Omnicons —Arcee, Signal Flare, Strongarm and Skyblast — versus the plainly mad Starscream, and the result is an Energon inferno that threatens to consume Cybertron! Plus… the return of Unicron’s Four Horsemen and the shocking secret of the planet Nervissa!"

Energon: More Than Meets the Eye[]

In keeping with Armada, a three-part More Than Meets The Eye series of Energon characters was also planned. Much of the artwork and profiles were completed.

Issue 1[]

"It’s Energon’s turn to get the MTMTE treatment! Dreamwave’s mega-successful series of official Transformers guidebooks returns with enough Energon facts, figures and profiles to put a smile on the face of any Trans-fananatic. You’ll learn the secrets of Alpha Quintesson, discover the truth behind Kicker, and get even more info on Hot Shot, Jetfire, and dozens more! Brought to you by Transformers Energon series writer Simon Furman and a plethora of your favorite TF artists."

Issue 2[]

"Optimus Prime! Megatron! Omega Supreme! The heavy hitters are out in full force in book 2 of Dreamwave’s official guide to Transformers: Energon. You’ll also get the goods on the powerful Energon Saber, the origin of the Omnicons, Unicron’s Four Horsemen, and more. Look for the third and final installment next month!"

The War Within: the Age of Wrath[]

The War Within: The Age of Wrath would presumably have concluded with the defeat of the Aerospace Extermination Squad, based on the events of later stories. Many of the major characters -- including Grimlock, seemingly killed in Issue #1 -- appear in later stories as well and therefore must have survived.

Additionally, several pages of art work were published in the TransformersCon 2005 Program (which had several ex-Dreamwave employees as special guests). The covers to the issues were also seen in solicitations to comic retailers.

Issue 4[]

"ALONE! Stranded on a strange alien world, far, far from Cybertron, Turbomaster Flash is about to realise there really is no place like home… even when home is ruled by arch tyrant Megatron and his legions of clone warriors. The terrible truth behind the invasion and conquest of Cybertron is finally revealed. Now all Flash has to do is stay alive long enough to tell someone!"

Issue 5[]

"HE’S BACK! Optimus Prime, right? Well… maybe. But then again… maybe not! Blaster’s desperate bid to free the enslaved Autobots lies in ruins, his and his entire team’s lives are Megatron’s to take at his will. But in their darkest hour, a hero returns to the fray, a force too powerful to be contained even by death’s dark dominion. Prepare to be shocked senseless all over again!"

  • Cover: Blaster held at gunpoint by Megatron.
  • Page 1: Shockwave's lab, with a studied Clone Trooper over a deactivated Shockwave.
  • Page 2: Two deactivated clone troopers lying in a heavily damaged lab. Also, a small, dead Piranhacons litter the floor amidst the shattered remains of the tank Megatron used to torture Starscream in. Starscream himself is lying there alive but in a great deal of pain, curled into a fetal position.
  • Page 5: Blaster fights against Clone Troopers and Megatron, using sound attacks and his electro scrambler.

Issue 6[]

"Last Stand! Finally… the battle you’ve been waiting for! Optimus Prime returns to take on his archenemy Megatron. But is Prime the ‘bot he was? Scarred mentally and physically by his nightmarish exile, Prime plainly may not be up to the job! But if he can’t beat Megatron and stop the rise of his second-generation clone army … who can?"

Generation One[]

Several covers of Generation One were distributed to comic retailers in solicitations. Pages from the unreleased issue 11 were published in the fourth issue of The Comic Book Digest from Lamp Post Publications. Additional pages leaked onto the internet revealed a great number of Exo Suits. In all likelihood, these are connected to Project Centurion mentioned in "The Route of All Evil".

Chris Sarracini and Guido Guidi were to take over from #12. [1]

Issue 11[]

"Because YOU demanded it: The return of the Dinobots! The hot-tempered cavalier Hot Rod finds himself in over his head when a mysterious group of Transformers-like warriors interferes with a standard transfer mission. What are these mysterious agents truly after, and what hope do Hot Rod and his team have of stopping them? Featuring the return of the fan-favorite Dinobots, the first-ever comic book debut of some of Generation One's most desirable characters, and much, much more!" [2]

  • Cover: Several female robots, lookin' deadly.
  • Page 1: Hot Rod looking up at a deactivated Optimus Prime being held in a repair chamber.
  • Page 2: Hot Rod passing by Wheelie and Gnaw and looking out of a window.
  • Page 3: Presumably due to a printing error, has the same artwork from page 2
  • Page 4: Arcee looks out a window towards Cybertron shrinking in the distance, as she, Kup, Springer, and the Dinobots travel on their way to Cybertron's moon.
  • Page 5: Hot Rod, Wheelie, and Gnaw see a female robot teleport into the facility.
  • Page 6: Hot Rod attacks the female robot, but she delivers a knee to his chest. Wheelie and Gnaw hide.
  • Page 7: The female robot ducks a punch from Hot Rod. She deactivates Hot Rod before he can sound the alarm (at a Transformerscon 2005 guest panel, it was mentioned by the writers that the female robots were to be skilled martial artists). She sends a communication back to Quintessa
  • Page 8: More females teleport into the facility. Gnaw transforms to fight them off, but like Hot Rod, he's quickly disabled.

Issue 12[]

"This is it: the return of the most popular Transformer of all time! Yes, the indomitable Optimus Prime is finally back, ready to chew Energon and kick bumper-and he's all outta Energon! But the question is: where is he? Find out in this thrill-packed anniversary issue, as the greatest Autobots leader ever faces off against the ravenous Sharkticons and their cruel masters, the Quintessons! Don't miss this special birthday issue, a perfect jumping-on point featuring Optimus Prime himself ushering in an all-new era of Transformers greatness. The countdown to 2005 begins now!"

  • Cover: Optimus Prime holding the body of Elita One in a manner reminiscent of The Uncanny X-Men #136 and Crisis On Infinite Earths #7. There was also going to be a variant cover featuring a drawing of Optimus Prime by Pat Lee. Ideally, the issue would have been released during December, which Dreamwave was calling their "Optimus Prime Month".

Issue 13[]

"2005 is here - and the battle for the universe begins! Created by the sinister Unicron, the lone Cyclonus has been dispatched to search the galaxy for the missing Alpha herald, Scourge. But when his mission leads him to a top-secret storage facility on Earth, will Cyclonus find the end of his quest or the business end of several high-caliber EDC-issued blasters? This initial arc - "Detection" kicks off the biggest, baddest Generation One storyline ever! Get in on the ground floor for a front-row seat to the beginning - of the apocalypse!"

Issue 14[]

"The humans fight back as the “Contact” arc continues! Recovering from Cyclonus’ violent assault on their facilities, the EDC tries to equalize the odds by activating its top secret defense plan—Project Centurion! Suspecting something sinister, Marissa begins to explore the real motives behind the EDC’s newest operation. Fearing the worst, the recently revived Autobot leader Optimus Prime rallies his troops on both Earth and Cybertron for the dark future looming on the horizon."

Generation One 2004 Datatracks Annual[]

This low-priced one shot was to be written by James McDonough and Adam Patyk, with art by Joe Ng and Don Figueroa.

"As Generation One’s 20th anniversary celebration comes to a close, Dreamwave pulls out all the stops to reveal the all-new 2004 Datatracks, which boasts an original short story featuring the one and only Optimus Prime fighting alongside his brother, Ultra Magnus! Not only that, but fans can also expect brand-new expanded MTMTE entries for the female Autobots, Sunstorm, and a few more surprises! This exciting one-shot annual is the perfect way to cap off “Optimus Prime Month,” while kicking 2005 into overdrive! This comic is priced to move at only $1.95 — so don’t miss out!"

Beast Wars[]

Although heavily advertised, no issues of Beast Wars saw print. Scans found on the internet show it would have had strong similarities to the Beast Wars: The Gathering by the same creative team, and Simon Furman's original #1 script confirms that much of mini-series was recycled into Gathering. A key difference was that the TV cast were to be involved. In addition, this Beast Wars would have tied in with the Ongoing G1 series.

The solicitation for #2 reveals there would be a flashback to "just after the end of the Great War on Cybertron... and witness the trial of Megatron!The verdict and judgment that follow set in motion a truly terrifying chain of events...". [3] Whether this means the Beast Wars or G1 Megatron is not clarified.

At Transformerscon 2004, Pat Lee also expressed an interest in possibly doing a complete series of More Than Meets The Eye profile books for Beast Wars, including all non-show characters. As you can imagine, this never happened, but again, was an idea eventually implemented by IDW.

Transformers/G.I. Joe: Divided Front[]

Dreamwave's second crossover, Transformers/G.I. Joe: Divided Front managed to have one issue released before the company folded. Adam Patyk and James McDonough were scheduled to write issues 2-5, while Chris Sarracini was slated to write issue 6. Pat Lee was to draw all of the remaining issues.

Issue 2[]

"The secrets of G.I. JOE and COBRA'S past are revealed as the greatest arms race in history intensifies, blazing a path across the world. Desperate for an equalizer, the JOES raid a top-secret COBRA bunker located in the Everglades. But when COBRA'S newly hired DREADNOK biker gang intervenes, will the JOES be too late to gain the advantage and-more importantly-save their Autobot allies?!

Issue 3[]

"FAN-FAVE FIREFLY DEBUTS! Snake Eyes is a hard ninja to kill...which is why COBRA Commander has called in one of his biggest guns to do the job: the assassin Firefly! What is the history behind this COBRA’S rivalry with Snake Eyes? And can the Joes’ ninja overcome this deadly saboteur in time to help his teammates retrieve the stolen Transformer technology from COBRA’S secret Arctic base? It’s chaos on the ice as the Autobots face off against Destro’s deadly COBRA/Decepticon hybrid warriors, with Starscream waiting to pick up the pieces!"

  • Cover: Ironhide under attack from a pair of jets, and Snake-Eyes facing off against Firefly

Issue 4[]

"AUTOBOT vs. AUTOBOT! It’s a robot riot as the new Cold War over the Transformers really starts to heat up! The G.I. Joes and their Autobot allies try to reconcile their opposing views and unite against COBRA...but can they? They’re not the only ones whose tempers are flaring, as members of COBRA prepare to foil their increasingly deranged leader’s top-secret project…if the mutineers can make it past Firefly and the elite Crimson Guard, that is!"

Issue 5[]

"What is the terrible secret buried beneath Cobra Island? Whatever it is, Starscream and Soundwave want it bad...bad enough to destroy Cobra Commander if he doesn’t give it to them! Flint and the Autobots must prepare an all-out assault of the island themselves to prevent the villains’ evil plans, but can the G.I. Joes count on Snake Eyes to help them...or will his vendetta against Firefly doom them all?"

Issue 6[]

"COBRA’s plans for domination are in full effect and, thanks to Destro, the Autobots and the Joes are now public enemy #1! Even so, will our heroes be able to thwart Destro’s plans? Maybe...but you won’t believe who going to help them out. The ultimate retro crossover is about to go out with a bang!"