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The United States of America is a nation-state on the planet Earth. It is considered to be one of the world's two "superpowers," along with its rival, the Soviet Union. The American government is headed by a president. Interaction between that government and Transformers operating on Earth is a near inevitability in most dimensions of the multiverse, although whether that relationship is friendly, adversarial, or somewhere in between varies. The USA is also a strange land where trousers are called pants, pants are called underwear, the pavement is known as the sidewalk, and they have bad rock and roll with one or two exceptions.


The United States of America consists of 50 "states", plus various territories, special districts, protectorates, hangers-on, puppet dictatorships and an astonishing number of Banana republics.

Unlike Cybertronian City-states, the divisions of the United States are semi-independent administrative zones existing under under an umbrella government, which may in turn have smaller cities within them, which may in turn contain "boroughs" (a sort of township), populated by very tiny humans.


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Generation One cartoonEdit

After the initial Decepticon threat was repulsed, Spike Witwicky wrote in his journal that "all of the world's governments" were assisting the Autobots' attempts to return to Cybertron. This would presumably include the United States. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3

Marvel Generation One comicsEdit

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Not long after awakening on Earth, the Autobots sought to forge an alliance with the human authorities. They contacted the US Government asking for a meeting with the President of the United States to discuss matters. Their offer was accepted and Optimus Prime, Prowl and Warpath traveled to Washington, D.C. to visit the White House.

Unfortunately Soundwave intercepted a human communication giving details of the meeting. Unwilling to risk an Autobot-Human alliance, Megatron activated the Insecticons[1] and sent them to Washington to sabotage the talks.

The Insecticons attacked at just the moment that Optimus Prime and the President met. They attempted to discredit the Autobots by pledging to destroy in the name of Optimus Prime. They then headed for the city and began to cause mindless destruction

Horrified, Optimus Prime led Prowl and Warpath in a counter attack that eventually drove the Insecticons away. Prime then decided that the humans would never believe that the Insecticons were not Autobots and leaves Washington to go back to the Ark.

The President meanwhile was initially convinced that the Autobots had been set up and allowed them to deal with the Insecticons themselves. When the Autobots then failed to return, the President concluded that he had made a mistake and misjudged the Autobots’ good intentions. He vowed never to make that mistake again.

After this the Autobots’ relations with the US Government continued to deteriorate. The Government assigned the shadowy organization Triple-I to find a way to protect the public from the Transformer threat. Triple-I engaged the Transformers on a number of occasions, although it was usually the Autobots who came off worse.

Over time tensions seemed to ease, mainly due to the efforts of G.B. Blackrock who on several occasions attempted to convince the authorities of the truth of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict.

This ultimately seemed to meet with some success leading to Blackrock forming the Neo-Knights, a group of superhumans that the President then sent to attack a battling Shockwave and Scorponok just before they were transported back to Cybertron by Primus. As this led to most Transformers being removed from the planet, tensions were finally eased.

Dreamwave Generation One comicsEdit

G.I. Joe vs The TransformersEdit

IDW Generation One comicsEdit

The United States has a secret intelligence organisation named Skywatch, who investigate alien incidents and potential threats. In 1985, after discovering one such alien, they had their budget increased—despite that the Pentagon and National Security Council seem completely unaware that robotic aliens were operating on American soil. We all knew security agencies have rivalries and don't like talking to each other, but damn. Spotlight: Soundwave

Unicron Trilogy cartoon continuityEdit

Dreamwave Unicron Trilogy comics continuityEdit

Movie continuityEdit

Transformers (film)Edit

The United States Armed Forces can take on and do serious damage to Transformers. Transformers Some of them, however, think the Autobots are the bad guys. And the secret organization Sector Seven kept Megatron frozen inside the Hoover Dam to reverse engineer modern technology. They're either really stupid, didn't know what they were getting into, or they have some nerve.

Titan MagazinesEdit

The United States Armed Forces all got beaten up off-panel, and the Decepticons rule America. Transformers Comic issue 9

The Decepticons were overthrown by the Autobots, but many cities are left devastated. The previous President is presumed dead, the Georgia town Savannah is the site of a large medical shelter for refugees, and NATO has military command. New President Theodore Allen has been sworn in; let's hope he's not the pawn of an alien robot jet, eh? Transformers Comic issue 14 Transformers Comic issue 15


  1. This clashes somewhat with later continuity when the Insecticons are shown to be on Cybertron
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