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Unit: E, a subdivision of the United States Military.

The United States Military, officially known as the United States Armed Forces, are authorized with defending the people of the United States of America from hostile military forces, be they foreign states, terrorists, or alien species. It is known as one the most powerful military forces in the world because of its advances in technology.

They have a habit of getting involved in the Autobot/Decepticon war on Earth since most of it takes place on American soil. Plus, a lot of Transformers disguise themselves as various US military vehicles.

The headquarters of the United States military is the Pentagon, but it maintains various bases around the world, including that utilized by Unit E.


Transformers: Prime

"Nemesis Prime"

300px-NemesisPrime Alden Military Base.jpg

An army base was attacked by Nemesis Prime, who was mistaken for Optimus Prime by the base personnel. As such, the military issued a destroy-on-site order for all the members of Team Prime. Military forces later arrived at the MECH base from which Nemesis Prime was controlled, and confiscated MECH's equipment, Nemesis Prime included. However, all the MECH personnel escaped, including the badly injured Leland Bishop.


As a result of the Nemesis Prime attack, Agent Fowler was called in to deliver a report to General Bryce. During this meeting he revealed that MECH's leader was a disgraced Special Tactics colonel, and that it's membership-consisting of men in full body uniforms that disguised all distinguishing features-might be currently enlisted Special Tactics officers loyal to the discharged officer. Fortunately, the result of the hearing was that Optimus Prime's name was cleared, due to him appearing and addressing General Bryce when Bryce was fully aware that his evil duplicate was inoperable and in storage.

"Darkmount, NV"

Agent Fowler had the whole military mobilized and sent its forces in many attempts to attack Megatron's fortress Darkmount but was almost immediately destroyed by the fortresses' fusion cannons. The generals then attempted to launch nuclear strikes on that fortress but Fowler keeps on reminding them about the civilians' safety in Jasper as long as he can.


  • United States Air Force
  • United States Navy
  • United States Marine Corps
  • United States Coast Guard
  • United States Army Rangers
  • United States Delta Force
  • JSOC (Joint Special Operation Command)
  • United States Army Special Forces