United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (also Region 2) is a strange, possibly allegorical, land where pants are called trousers, underwear are called pants, women run the government, Batman kidnaps children, state-sponsored media is popular instead of elitist, vinegar is a condiment, and they have good rock and roll.

Also, they spell things funny and their bizarro-DVD's won't play in real DVD players. Spooky.


Marvel Generation 1 comics

The Man of Iron has a ship in the area. Man of Iron!

Grimlock, Blades, Centurion, and Action Force fought Megatron in London, or so they thought. Centurion and Megatron fell in the River Thames. Ancient Relics!

Richard Branson attempted to fish out the remains, only for Shockwave and the Seacons to swipe the mess. Salvage!

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