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The United Kingdom (also Region 2) is a strange, possibly allegorical, land where pants are called trousers, underwear are called pants, women run the government, Batman kidnaps children, state-sponsored media is popular instead of elitist, vinegar is a condiment, and they have good rock and roll.


Marvel Generation One comics

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Some time in the past, the Man of Iron and his Navigator came to Earth while searching for the Ark and left their ship beneath the area that would one day become Stansham. There they remained, though the Man of Iron would occasionally leave the ship to visit the surface. In 1017, he encountered humans, including Godwin the Strongarm and Aethelric, and a further two sightings were recorded.

In 1984, a beacon from the ship attracted the attention of the Earthbound Autobots, and they took a shuttle to the United Kingdom to investigate. Upon arrival, Jazz kidnapped a human named Sammy Harker to provide the Autobots with intelligence about the local area, but they were attacked by the Decepticons, who had also followed the beacon to its source.

As battle raged above Stansham Castle, the Man of Iron emerged from his ship once more, only to be blown up by Thundercracker. Jazz destroyed the ship (inadvertently killing the Navigator), and the Transformers left the United Kingdom. Man of Iron!

About a year later, they would return, seeking the source of an energy transmission that caused aspects of their personalities to reverse. Tracing the signal to a secret research facility, Jazz and Starscream fought over Zeke Heilmann, a human who was stealing the core of PARD for his own nefarious purposes. In the ensuing battle, both Zeke and the device were destroyed by Jazz. To a Power Unknown!

In 1987, Grimlock, Blades, Centurion, and Action Force fought Megatron in London, or so they thought. Centurion and Megatron fell into the River Thames. Ancient Relics!

Richard Branson attempted to fish out the remains, only for Shockwave and the Seacons to swipe his catch. Salvage!

In 1990, Shockwave emerged from the sea off the coast of Blackpool, where he paused only to squash a tramp and his dog before leaving for New Jersey to spy on Scorponok. Dark Creation

Fleetway Generation 2 comics

In 1994, Bludgeon led his forces to attack London with the intention of attracting Optimus Prime. The damage to the city was severe; even the Houses of Parliament were bombed. Optimus defeated Bludgeon only to face a returned Megatron, who handed his skidplate to him. Before he could finish off his old adversary, Megatron was attacked by Bludgeon's troops, and Optimus was rescued by the Dinobots. The arrival of Jazz's group forced Megatron to escape with Starscream, and Prime declared victory, though he advocated that the Autobots vacate the area to escape any human retaliation. War Without End (UK) War Zone

Titan Movie Comics

In 2007, Titan started a Transformers comic about individual Transformers that tied in with IDW's "Movie Prequel" also featuring reprints from IDW. At the beginning the reprints were "Movie Prequel" and "Beast Wars: The Gathering", these reprints were shortened.

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